Details for TV Grid 0812

MONDAY Prime Time 6 PM 6:30 August 12, 2019 BEST BETS 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 9 PM 9:30 PBS Antiques Roadshow “Fort Worth” Rock ’n’ Family Pictures USA “North Carolina” Pho- POV “Happy Winter” Beachgoers hide their Amanpour and Company (N) roll poster collection. tos and stories from Durham, N.C. (N) social status. (N) CBS The Neighborhood The Big Bang Theo- The Big Bang The- Mom ry (DVS) ory “The Meteorite “Welcome to MalManifestation” colm’s Job” ABC Wheel of Fortune “Wheel Across America” Jeopardy! “Teachers Bachelor in Paradise “602A” (N) Tournament Week 1” IND NewsCenter1 at 6pm (N) Access (N) The Six (N) The Big Bang Theory M*A*S*H “White Gold” M*A*S*H “Abyssinia, The Andy Griffith Henry” Show FOX IND NBC CW MNT Bull Bull and the team represent a teenager KELOLAND News at The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Ten (N) raised in complete isolation who goes on trial for murder. 10:30 Dakota Life “Water Ways” 11 PM MN Original 11:30 Neven’s Irish Food Trails “Dublin” The Late Late Show With James Corden KELOLAND News at Ten KOTA Territory News at 10 (N) Jimmy Kimmel Live Nightline (N) American Ninja Warrior “Baltimore City Finals” Joe Moravsky, Allyssa Beird and more. Dateline NBC (N) (N) (DVS) NewsCenter1 at 10pm (N) The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (N) Late Night With Seth Meyers Beat Shazam Sisters, best friends and newlyweds. (N) (DVS) The Andy Griffith Show Grand Hotel Danny tries to keep his relationship with Alicia from her family; Gigi discovers Santiago’s secrets. (N) So You Think You Can Dance “Top 10 Perform” The finalists perform. (N) Black Hills Fox News (N) Two and a Half Men The Big Bang “Pilot” Theory Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Hogan’s Heroes The Carol Burnett Show Green Acres Eb sees a UFO. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine “Hippocratic Oath” O’Brien and Bashir are captives. Hogan’s Heroes Star Trek “Mudd’s Women” Mudd sells Star Trek: The Next Generation “Allegiance” An alien impersonates Picard. NewsCenter1 at 6pm (N) Access (N) American Ninja Warrior “Baltimore City Finals” Joe Moravsky, Najee Richardson, Allys- Dateline NBC (N) sa Beird and more face 10 obstacles, including Angry Birds. (N) (DVS) Family Guy Family Guy “Baby Not on Board” Bulletproof “Episode 1” Pike and Bishop find a car theft ring. Whose Line Is It Anyway? The Verdict With Judge Hatchett How I Met Your Mother Law & Order: Criminal Intent A wealthy man’s children are murdered. Law & Order: Criminal Intent “The Pilgrim” Comics Unleashed The Game Detectives uncover terrorist plot. With Byron Allen HEROICN wives to rich miners. 10 PM BBC World News Whose Line Is It Anyway? Star Trek: Voyager “Drone” An advanced Borg emerges aboard Voyager. Page Six TV (N) The Goldbergs Perry Mason Perry investigates apparent coronaries. Star Trek: Enterprise “The Council” Xindi council. NewsCenter1 at 10pm (N) Last Man Standing Last Man Standing “Explorers” “A House Divided” NYPD Blue “Abandando Abandoned” Cop killed after wife joins precinct. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (N) The Goldbergs “Big Seinfeld “The Doll” Baby Ball” Seinfeld “The Scofflaw” The Game Jason’s jersey is retired. Overnight Radar Dish Nation (N) The Twilight Zone Late Night With Seth Meyers Rules of Engagement “The Set Up”

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