Details for TV Grid 0616

SUNDAY Prime Time 6 PM PBS 6:30 MOVIES 7 PM 7:30 SPORTS 8 PM 8:30 KIDS 9 PM Endeavour on Masterpiece “Pylon” (Season Premiere) The mur- Jamestown (Season Premiere) Jocelyn der of a schoolgirl. (N) (DVS) strives for advancement. (N) 60 Minutes (N) The Good Fight Lawyer Maia Rindell and The Good Fight “First Week” Maia contin- KELOLAND News at Inside KELOLAND Ten (N) her mentor and godmother, Diane Lockhart, ues to deal with the repercussions of her family’s Ponzi scheme. (N) join a renowned Chicago law firm. ABC 2019 NBA Finals Golden State Warriors at Toronto Raptors (If necessary) Alternate programming will be “Ce- NBA Postgame Stu- Jimmy Kimmel lebrity Family Feud,” “The $100,000 Pyramid” and “To Tell the Truth.” (N) (Live) dio (N) (Live) Live (N) IND Hollywood Game Night Contestants lead teams of celebrities. FOX 2019 U.S. Open Golf Championship Final Round From Pebble Beach Golf Links in Pebble Beach, Calif. (N) (Live) IND M*A*S*H America’s Got Talent “Auditions 2” Variety acts continue to audition. Star Trek “Catspaw” Sorceress holds them Star Trek: The Next Generation Aliens kidnap Enterprise children. CW MNT The Simpsons Hollywood Game Night “Veep vs. The Walking Dead” Contestants lead teams of celebrities. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine A Ferengi woman illegally poses as male. America’s Got Talent “Auditions 2” Variety acts continue to audition. black-ish (DVS) black-ish Junior tries Burden of Truth Joanna struggles to con- Whose Line Is It to help Bow. trol a narrative. (N) (DVS) Anyway? HouseSmarts Funny You Should Major Crimes “Turn Down” Buzz Watson Ask discovers a dead body. Whose Line Is It Anyway? 10 PM 10:30 The Not-Dying Girl The Real Sherlock Holmes The fictional character remains popular. 11 PM Washington Week New Amsterdam “The Blues” Bloom faces Newscenter1 Sunher personal demons head-on. day News (N) Rizzoli & Isles NCIS: New Orleans “Hard Knock Life” Pride doubts evidence that kids murdered a “Brown Eyed Girl” petty officer. (DVS) On the Money (N) The Outdoorsman The Simpsons With Buck McNeely Meet the Press Last Man Standing Last Man Standing “The Gratitude List” Collector’s Call “Vid- The Carol Burnett eo Games” (N) Show The Dick Van Dyke The Dick Van Dyke The Twilight Zone Show Show “Opening Day” Star Trek: Voyager “False Profits” Two Ferengi pose as demigods. Star Trek: Enterprise The crew enjoys shore leave on Risa. On the Money (N) Meet the Press Family Guy “Inside Family Guy” Rules of Engagement “The Set Up” Rules of Engagement Bones “The Partners in the Divorce” A pow- Access (N) erful divorce lawyer is murdered. The Cleveland Show Comics Unleashed How I Met Your With Byron Allen Mother The Twilight Zone “The Beacon” The Dead Zone “Destiny” Apocalyptic vision haunts Johnny. New Amsterdam Max works to solve un- Newscenter1 Sunderlying problems within the hospital despite day News (N) his struggles with treatment. Family Guy 11:30 To the Contrary With Bonnie Erbé Matter of Fact With Madam Secretary Dalton’s mental status is Person of Interest Soledad O’Brien (N) questioned when he threatens Russia over “6,741” its role in a sonic attack. In Depth With Gra- KOTA Territory ham Bensinger (N) News (N) The Simpsons “The Black Hills Fox News (N) (Live) Book Job” M*A*S*H “The Birth- Columbo “Murder in Malibu” Murder of a famous novelist. day Girls” HEROICN captive. NBC 9:30 Endeavour on Masterpiece “Icarus” A teacher goes missing. CBS June 16, 2019 BEST BETS Overnight Radar ›› Some Kind of Wonderful (1987)

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