Details for Bettys Quiltery - Ad from 2020-07-29


Supplies: Face Mask Pattern 2 (8x9) pieces of fabric 2 (7 inch) pieces of elastic 1 (7 ½ x 8 ½ ) fusible interfacing (opt.) for the filter ½ piece of pipe cleaner for the nose Working with 8” side up for the whole pattern instructions. Place the first piece of fabric wrong side up with 8” side to the top and bottom. Place the fusible interfacing in the middle of the fabric with the fusible side next to the fabric and iron in place. (NOTE: the fusible will stick to the iron if you have the wrong side up.) Turn your fabric over so the right side of fabric is up. Pin one piece of elastic to the top right corner and the other end to the bottom right corner. Do the same to the left side. Secure the ends as you sew, making sure not to get the rest of the elastic in your seam. (These are the ear pieces to hold the mask in place.) Place the two pieces of fabric (right sides together) with the 8” side up. Place a mark at the top 2” from the right and another mark 2” from the left. These are the start and stop points of sewing. Using a ¼ “ seam, start sewing at the right 2” mark, making sure to backstitch to secure the seam. Sew around the whole piece of material, stopping at the 2” mark made on the top left side. Secure this also with a backstitch. This will leave an opening of 4”. Press the seam and fold the opening down to ¼” on each side of the opening. Clip the tip of the corners, leaving 1/8” of fabric from the thread. Turn the mask right side out and iron. Place pipe cleaner, centered, at the opening and zig zag it in place. This will close the opening. Fold your mask in accordion style with at least 3 folds, leaving the mask approximately 3 ½”. Secure the folds by sewing very close around the edges. We recommend turning and sewing back to make your mask sturdy. Clip all stray threads. Voila! Your mask is finished. Pick up a Mask Kit for the Senior Citizen in your life for FREE!! Located in the Gap across from Founder’s Park 405 Canal St. STE 1400 Rapid City, SD (605) 718-2739