Details for Osteo Strong - Ad from 2022-01-08

OSTEO STrOng ® do you haVe osteopenia or osteoporosis? Would you like to increase your bone density, muscular strength, balance and posture in a once per week session? Then OsteoStrong® is right for you! call today 605-389-3684 Free Schedule a , educational trial session and receive a coupon for a Begin Your Journey Bundle. Offer Expires 1/31/2022. *Results vary by individual amaZing Bone density increase! I have been a member at OsteoStrong for 4 years. My recent DEXA scan showed an increase of 11.8% in my hip and 4.4% in my spine. I am so happy with my results! #BEVERLYStRong Rapid City Results 1600 Mt.View Rd. | Suite 108 | Rapid City, Sd 57702 | RapidCity@oSteoStRong.Me Visit for details!