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Professional, full strength products for professional results from . . 2680 Commerce Rd, Rapid City SD (605) 342-7644 ~ (800) 658-5457 Fall 2021 Compare our prices and active ingredients to the box store products - you will be surprised! Read and follow all labels and directions. The staff at Warne Chemical can assist you with product recommendations and how to use them. Fall is an ideal time for seeding grass when you want to establish a new lawn, overseed to improve an existing lawn, or seed disturbed or graded areas. Popular grass seeds available Warnes Special Blend: Elite bluegrasses selected for its dark green color, growth habits, and disease resistance to give you a great looking lawn. Available in 5# and 25# bags. $27.00 per 5# bag Warne Inferno: Blend of elite bluegrasses certified low water use by the Turgrass Water Conservation Alliance. Selected for its color, growth habits and disease resistance. Needs some irrigation for a great looking lawn. Available in 5# and 25# bags. $26.00 per 5# bag Premium Farm Lawn: Blend of extremely hardy, drought resistant grasses for low maintenance lawns, machinery storage areas, and reclamation sites. Available in 5#, 25# and 50# bags. $27.40 per 5# bag Black Hills Reclamation: For burn piles, slopes, ditches, and where ground cover is needed. In 5#, 20# and 50# bags. $30.45 per 5# bag Also Available: •Wildflowers •Custom mixes •Dryland pasture mixes •Native mixes •Buffalo grass Futera Germination and Erosion Control Blankets Excellent for establishing lawns or any type of grass seeding. Accelerates seed germination, maintains more moisture in the soil, and helps prevent erosion on slopes. Not for use on high volume water drainage areas. Easy to install and cut to conform to terrain. 82” wide x 135’ long $92.10 9.9¢ per sq ft 40” wide x 135’ long $48.90 10.8¢ per sq ft 100 bio-degradable stakes $25.00 Professionals choice for adding humic acid to the landscape and address poor western South Dakota soils. Low-dust granule provides enhanced soil quality and health, improves water retention, lessen disease in turf and increases microbial activity. 50# bag treats 25,000 sq ft of turf, 2# per 1000 sq ft on vegetable or flower gardens, 8 oz for standard size tree or shrub. $80.00 per 50# bag Get a head start next spring by fertilizing and eradicating weeds this fall Warnes Best Lawn Fertilizer. Especially formulated for the Black Hills soil. Contains lots of slow release nitrogen and iron. Our bags are not as nice as the national brands, but our fertilizer works better and is packaged in standard size bags. 50# bag (covers 12,000 sq ft) $34.90 25# bag (covers 6,000 sq ft) $16.95 Milorganite Fertilizer. Full strength, organic based nitrogen 6-4-2 with 2.5% iron. Excellent lawn fertilizer. Slow release, non-burning. Provides lots of iron for green color. 50# bag $15.75 Weed & Feed Lawn Fertilizer. Fertilize the lawn and control many broadleaf weeds in one pass. Controls broadleaf weeds like dandelions, black medic, knotweed, plantain and many others. 50# bag (covers 14,000 sq ft) $32.75 ~ Inquire about pallet pricing. Liquid Lawn & Pasture Fertilizer. Use on all types of lawns and pastures. Perfect for 12-volt ATV and pull-behind sprayers. Can mix with Trimec Classic or Super Trimec for liquid weed and feed. $26.80 per 2.5-gallon container (does up to 15,000 sq ft) $23.60 each when you purchase 4 or more 2.5-gal containers Trimec Classic and Acreage Pro. The standard in lawn and turf weed control. Excellent dandelion control. Full strength formulation. Trimec Classic ~ $50.85 per gal (up to 2 acres of turf) Acreage Pro ~ $16.95 per quart Fall Tree Care Products Pride Tree Food 20-12-8 Professional formulation. One application feeds the entire season. Use rate: 10 lb per 1000 sq ft of root zone. $15.95 per 10 lb container $49.00 per 50 lb bag Everguard Deer & Rabbit Repellent Long lasting in rain or snow. Non-offensive odor. Safe to use around children and pets. Proven commercial formulation. Lasts up to 8 weeks in the winter and up to 5 weeks in during the growing season. Ready-to-Use quart ~ $16.99 Ready-to-Use gallon ~ $35.99 Concentrate quart ~ $39.99 (makes up to 2 gallons) SpeedZone. For dead weeds fast in residential and commercial lawns. Controls most annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in a lawn. Visual response in hours. Just a fun product to spray! $29.50 per 20 oz container (treats up to 18,000 sq ft) $89.00 per 1 gallon container (treats up to 2.5 acres) Cody. Excellent Canada thistle killer! Also controls knapweed, burdock, clover, and black medic. Can be sprayed around trees and shrubs, but not on them. Will not kill grass. One quart covers 10,000 to 20,000 sq ft or makes 25 gal of spray for Canada thistle. $27.90 per quart Beloukha. All natural roundup replacement made from sunflowers, foliar applied. Burns down annual and perennial weeds. Starts to work within two hours. Quart makes 3 o 5 gallons of spray. Quart $27.00 Also available in a 2.5-gal container for commercial use Rometsol. For range and pasture weeds such as whitetop, mullein, houndstongue, St Johns wart, and tansy. Need to combine with 2,4-D Ester and Alligare 90 surfactant. $32.50 per 2 oz container (covers up to 2 acres) Alligare 90. Non-ionic, low foam, wetter, and spreader surfactant to enhance the spreading and performance of many herbicides and insecticides, including most lawn herbicides. If you are using Dawn dish soap (an old wives tale), you are using an ionic surfactant that binds up herbicides, decreasing their performance. Use rate 1/3 to 2/3 oz per gallon. $9.90 per quart ~ $19.50 per gallon Professional Ice Melt Products You know it is coming . . . Warne Chemical has a full line of performance driven ice melt products designed to assure a safe and manageable winter. Safe Step: 99% magnesium chloride. The most landscape and concrete friendly ice melt on the market. 50# bag $19.30 Quad Release: Four-way melting power. Fast acting. Effective down to –16° F. 50# bag $15.90 Unwanted pests invading your home? We have solutions! Cyzmic CS Stryker Wasp and Hornet Killer Controlled release insecticide for long residual. Excellent for perim- Kills on contact from up to 20 feet away. Long lasting residual activity eter insects like spiders, house flies, cluster flies, crickets and other of spray provides a complete elimination of the nest. Effective against invading pests. 8 oz makes ten gallons of spray. 8 oz ~ $36.00 wasps, bees, hornets, yellow jackets and spiders. 15 oz aerosol container ~ $11.95 each Demon WP Controls spiders, box elder bugs, stink bugs, crickets, millipedes, and many more insects. Indoor and outdoor use. Water soluble packets eliminate measuring and dissolve quickly. Long lasting residual activity. 1 package makes up to 4-gallons of product ~ $18.50 Doxem IG Granular Insect Bait Controls ants, crickets, earwigs and other invasive pests. Keeps working even after rain or irrigating. Pests seek out the bait. Effective against both nymphs and adults. Use rate 1.5 pounds per 1000 sq ft. 4 lb shaker bottle $78.50 each Contrac All-Weather Blox “City Pack” Single feeding, anticoagulant rodent bait. Works well in any condition - wet or dry, indoors or out. 1 lb bag ~ $9.40 T1 Mouse Bait Station Pre-baited disposable bait station. Contains a 1 oz block pre-loaded in each tamper-resistant station. $2.50 each D-Fense NXT Long residual insecticide plus growth regulator. Outstanding control of cockroaches, fleas, spiders, millipedes, and other unwanted guests. Kill insects and disrupts their life cycle. 15 oz aerosol container ~ $19.50 each CrossFire Professional pest control product for all stages of bed bugs (adults, nymphs and eggs). Can be applied to mattresses, box springs, and upholstered furniture. 17 oz aerosol container ~ $27.96 each Also available in a concentrate for spraying Temprid. Aerosol for controlling bed bugs. Quick knockdown and long residual to kill and break the bed bug life cycle. Excellent control of ants, flies, springtails, and many other insects. 15.7 aerosol container ~ $19.29 each Also available in a concentrate for spraying