Details for Bokujo Ramen - Ad from 2021-10-09

Food Bokujo Ramen 518 Mt. Rushmore Road Rapid City, SD 57701 What makes you stand out from the competition? We were hungry for a unique yet delicious ramen experience here. When we realized we could use some of the country’s best noodles with our incredible local proteins, we took a chance, and here we are. We wanted to create a space that celebrates what we love about Japan but also what we love about our home here in Rapid City. There isn’t another place like it! What brings customers back to your business? We believe in relentless hospitality, quality food, and fair prices. It’s not that crazy of an idea, but when you compare it to many restaurant experiences, you are often missing one of those things. What’s something your customers may not know about your business? We inhabit the old bakeworks space, which was equipped with many large ovens, so rather than using a stove, we actually “bake” all of our broths for 24 hours. From bone to bowl the process is about two days. We also have what we are pretty sure is the world’s only bison bone ramen, right here in Rapid City. What makes your business a good place to work? We take care of each other as best we can. We believe that kindness is something that should be practiced every day. We are also very enthusiastic about what we create, so there is always something to be happy about. What do you love most about having your business in the community? South Dakotans work hard and deserve quality nourishment. Ranchers deserve to have their products showcased and highlighted. We love that we get to do both. We also love being part of a great downtown, and Rapid City government along with Black Hills Works have been invaluable partners in setting us up for success. What can customers expect when they walk through your doors? Good smells, nice tunes, and a fun and quirky vibe. What does it mean to be voted Best of the Black Hills? We can’t believe it. We never set out to achieve any fame or notoriety. We are just happy that what makes us happy makes others happy, too. What are you most proud of? We are proud of the team we’ve built and of the community that supports us. Running a restaurant is a mostly uphill and somewhat unending battle treat people like you would like to be treated. What are some of the things you do to give back to the community? (Charity work, donations, etc…) Justin (co-owner and chef) is always trying to drum up some money for Black Hills Works or Feeding South Dakota on Guy’s Grocery Games on Food Network. We also believe in stewardship of the spaces we inhabit. We clean up the alley and sidewalks whenever we can. The other day Justin repaired a broken crosswalk signal! True community is doing what you can when you can to make the comagainst the forces of chaos. But we still munity better. manage to pull it together, mostly. How do you build trust with clients (patients, customers)? What’s your secret to good customer We are transparent. Anyone can ask service? anything about our process or see how We believe there is a big difference we make the food. Honesty is always between customer service and hospitality. Hospitality is how you are made the best policy. We own our mistakes. to feel. Good service is getting what What is a fun fact about your you pay for. If we can make custombusiness? ers feel good through welcoming and We have a mascot that is a black angenuine hospitality along with giving gus/Godzilla hybrid named “Cowju. them what they ask for, we can create an experience that leaves people better What makes your business popular than we found them. with families? We are kind of just big kids ourselves. How do you build trust with clients We play old Ultraman shows on our for patients, customers? little TV. Through our trips to Japan When you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. We love we have acquired many interesting decor items. Also, kids really love our customer’s smiles after they have ramen. a clean car. It’s really not that hard,