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Reausaw-Wilson DMD PC Q: Why do I keep getting cavities? A: There are several factors when we look at reasons for decay. Genetics do play a part; however, you are NOT doomed to the same fate as your elders. While genetics do play a part, we are here to help people keep their natural teeth for as long as possible. Dr. Sara Reausaw, DMD Other factors obviously include oral hygiene and diet. Many assume that if they are not a soda pop drinker that they are in the clear. This is not the case. Beloved coffee is a very acidic drink, and when you add creamers and sweeteners, you have a triple whammy. Any beverage can have additives that your natural bacteria eat to cause an environment that cavities can thrive in: acidic. A dry mouth is an environment which decay also thrives in. A combination of the two ‒ acidic and dry ‒ is going to be a continual battle with decay. Your saliva is a natural cleanser that eliminates the acid and sugars. Sipping on beverages does not allow for your saliva to buffer the oral cavity and is much harder on teeth than people realize. You can sip your way to decay! 605-343-6691 4215 Berniece Street, Rapid City, SD |

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