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Reausaw-Wilson DMD PC Q. Are tooth colored fillings superior? Tooth colored fillings are completed using a material re- Dr. Sara Reausaw, DMD ferred to as composite. This material has a step approach in completing the restoration, and one of the steps is bonding. With this step of bonding, it gives back a little support to your tooth when restoring it, as a cavity has compromised your tooth integrity and weakened it. Your tooth will never be as strong as it was before becoming infected with decay, which is why home care and prevention with routine visits is key. Composite restorations sure do look pretty, too, which is something that patients, and we as providers, can all appreciate. While we as providers appreciate this quality, it is the added support this type of restoration provides that we find to be superior over the amalgam alternative. We are able to remain conservative in our preparation with this material as well, and the more healthy tooth structure that can be retained, the better for all. I will take this opportunity to remind you that not all insurance covers this type of restoration the same, and you should check your coverage and know your plan. 605-343-6691 4215 Berniece Street, Rapid City, SD |

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