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Question: What is mediation? Answer: Mediation is one of the most popular methods to settle disputes. It is different than arbitration which actually renders a decision. Why MEDIATION WORKS? 1. The mediator acts as a guide and the parties participate in their own settlement alternatives. 2. Any communication in mediation cannot be used as evidence in any proceeding and a court appointed mediator may not be a witness. Her notes are not subject to discovery. SDCL§ 25-4-60. 3. A mediator has no stake in the outcome and may not make a recommendation to the court concerning the matter. SDCL § 25-4-62. What can be mediated? Well, Anything!!!! Lorie D. Melone 1107 Mt. Rushmore Road, Suite #3A Rapid City, SD 57701 Phone: 605-791-4950 Lorie D. Melone • Family Law Attorney & Certified Mediator