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et Help w
ith Numbness
and Pain in Y
our Feet!
Advanced Treatment is Now Available to You
if You are Suffering from the Debilitating Effects of
Neuropathy Symptoms!
“Doc, I can’t live with this
excruciating foot and leg
pain and numbness!”

Do you suffer from any of the following…
 Numbness of your feet and legs?
 Painful tingling feet?
 Night-time discomfort?
 Pin-like sensations with each step?

Have you ever been told…
 You have Neuropathy?

 You must live with the pain,

because nothing can be done?

If you answered YES to any of these
questions, you’re in LUCK!

Here’s what some patients have said
about their treatments:
“I was on 14 medications and my doctors had told me I may need to
have my foot amputated. I hadn't been able to wear shoes other than
sandals for years because of my swollen and painful feet. After going
through this program I’ve lost weight and my foot pain is gone. I can
now wear normal shoes.” Patient, N.S., Age 58
“I drove 120 miles to get this treatment because I had not been able to
feel my feet for 15 years. I work on a farm and I would stumble and fall
because I could not feel the ground under my feet. I’m getting older and
I can’t afford to fall and break something. After the treatments, I was
able to feel my feet and toes again. Now for the first time in over a
decade I have feelings in my feet. “ Patient M.H., Age 85

When you hear this from a patient it
gets your attention. Typically, I get the
worst of the worst pain patients but
when I recently heard this exclamation,
my attention was particularly peaked.
Let’s call this patient Bob. Bob is 62
years old with neuropathy in his hands
and feet. He had Type II Diabetes and
his life was literally as he described it
“a living hell.” Clearly he was coming
to the end of his rope. The nerves in
his legs and feet were damaged. He

“I Can’t Sleep at Night!”

He complained to me, “I can’t sleep at
night because my legs feel like they
are being eaten by little bugs or
chewed on by small animals.”
During the day, he could hardly walk
and every step sent shooting pain like
lightning from his toes and up his legs
up almost to his knees. He had
numbness in his feet and couldn’t
feel his feet very well and had
terrible balance problems. He was
worried he might fall and injure

“I Had to Help This Man!”

I recently was fortunate enough to
accidentally discover a new noninvasive and non-drug treatment
for severe and constant foot
numbness and pain caused by

I have been treating Neuropathy for
years with great success but stumbled
onto this new treatment in 2011 that is
used to treat patients who are fearful

of losing their legs. My staff and I
witnessed some amazing reductions
and eliminations of some of the worst
pain and numbness syndromes I had
ever seen…
And it was FAST! After just a few
minutes of treatment on patients with
extreme and chronic pain and
numbness of the worst kind, we had
patients telling us how their pain levels
and numbness had decreased and they
were shocked.

Some of them had their pain
and numbness alleviated
after only one treatment.
We were able to reduce or
even eliminate
NUMBNESS of the worst
Using the latest and most
recent technologies, I now

offer a non-invasive, non surgical and
painless neuropathy pain treatment. I
help patients reduce or even eliminate
their neuropathy pain and/or numbness
using nutritional therapies, deep tissue
super-pulsed cold laser treatments,
combined with specific non-surgical,
non-invasive, relaxing re-integration
and stimulation treatments of
peripheral nerves using whole body
vibration to increase their function
So just how can you see if [Dr.
YourName]’s Neuropathy Pain
Relief treatment will help you to
reduce or eliminate your foot or
leg pain and/or numbness?

For a Limited Number of
Callers, We are Now Offering
our Unique FREE
6-Point Evaluation…
We have a very limited number of Free
Evaluation times left, so call before they
are gone!
Once you’ve been evaluated fully and
completely with our very thorough
Neuropathy Treatment Evaluation, we
will know if you are a candidate for this
new painless and effective Neuropathy
Pain Relief Program.

Be one of the first
25 callers to
[555-555-5555] and receive


6-Point Evaluation
During your FREE evaluation
you will be checked for:

Foot and Leg Circulation
Nerve Sensitivity
Pain Fiber Receptors
Thermal Receptors
Pressure Receptors
Light Touch Sensitivity
Nutritional Sensitivities

Don’t Suffer Any Longer!



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