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The Best IS YET TO COME! Who is a candidate? PRP INTIMACY INJECTION & MONALISA TOUCH Millions of women experience changes to their gynecologic health that affect their personal lives as a consequence. Women of all ages. Women experiencing painful urination or pain during intercourse. Any woman suffering from vaginal atrophy/laxity, dryness or itching Now there’s a solution! Any woman who wants an enhanced sexual experience. Women who want to increase their level of desire and arousal. Women who find it difficult to achieve orgasm. Both treatments are performed in-office and are minimally invasive. The Platelet Rich Plasma Intimacy Injection is performed with the patient’s plasma in the arousal and orgasm areas of the vagina. Mona Lisa Touch CO2 Laser treats changes in vaginal health after menopause. ,LLP Marcia Besshara, MD Gynecologistt Call to schedule a consult : 605.342.3280

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