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ask a Professional Bonnie Kohl, DPT Q: A: My child is starting to walk. What kind of shoes should I buy? None! Well, maybe have one pair for safety. If you can avoid shoes on your child’s feet while they learn to walk, do so. A child’s rapidly developing feet are important for their ability to move, balance, and play. 1. When a child places their bare feet on the floor, they help stimulate their sensory system and improve the connections from their feet to their brain. If their foot is protected by a shoe, not as much stimulation can occur (warm/cold, rough/soft). 2. When wearing shoes, the soles tend to compensate for the child. If the child is barefoot, the muscles of the foot need to adapt to the uneven surfaces they may encounter, helping to build strength. 3. For safety purposes, have a pair of shoes on hand. These shoes can be used for times they encounter hot pavement, surfaces that may be rough such as playground wood chips, or anytime the safety of the child’s foot is compromised. Other than for safety reasons, let the child experience the world around them barefoot (feeling the grass, inclines/declines, carpet/wood flooring) to help them grow. Got a question you want answered? Visit our website or find us on Facebook and submit it today! Sundog Rehabilitation, llC Serving Rapid Valley, Custer and West Rapid locations. 605-787-2719 - Most Insurance Accepted