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ask a Professional Bonnie Kohl, DPT Q: A: How much water should my child be drinking a day? There are a variety of factors impacting the amount of water to be consumed each day. Age is the primary factor, but climate and the activity level of the child play a role. Water helps the body complete essential functions throughout the day. It is arguably one of the most vital things consumed. It is also important not to over hydrate; listening to your child’s body is always first. There are very general recommendations to use. As the child’s age, the climate, and their activity level increase, water consumption should also increase. CHOC gives a rule of thumb to keep it easy: their age is equal to the number of cups of water to be consumed each day. For example, a one-year-old should have 1 cup of water a day while a five-year-old can have up to 5 cups of water. This general guideline maxes out at age eight. This refers to water only, as a child consumes other fluids throughout the day as well, for example milk. If you have questions or concerns, contact your Pediatrician, Nutritionist, or Physical Therapist. Got a question you want answered? Visit our website or find us on Facebook and submit it today! Sundog Rehabilitation, llC Serving Rapid Valley, Custer and West Rapid locations. 605-787-2719 - Most Insurance Accepted