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ask a Professional Bonnie Kohl, DPT Q: A: What is the best rocker/swing for my child? In the most perfect scenario, equipment that “contains” your child should be avoided and your baby should be positioned on the floor. Realistically though, we need to be able to take a shower, do chores, or whatever it may be. • Rockers/swings limit the child’s ability to actively rotate their head leading to an increased risk of plagiocephaly (flattened head). Your child should not sleep in these as they can be at risk of wiggling into an unwanted position, possibly leading to suffocation. • An alternative solution to complete chores is baby wearing. When choosing a carrier, find one that allows your baby’s hips and knees to be in a flexed, “M,” position protecting their hip joints. Limit your baby’s legs from dangling. • Bouncers/jumpers are containers that place babies in a risky position for hip development. With typical development, babies do not start learning to jump until around 18 months. We all need to do what is necessary to keep our children safe. If you do end up using a container, watch them closely, and do your best to limit the time spent in them.. Please contact us with any questions! Got a question you want answered? Visit our website or find us on Facebook and submit it today! Sundog Rehabilitation, llC Serving Rapid Valley, Custer and West Rapid locations. 605-787-2719 - Most Insurance Accepted