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ask a Professional Macie Harris, DPT Q: A: What can a person with Parkinson’s Disease do to avoid falling? Falling is one of the most common complications of Parkinson’s Disease (PD), and arguably one of the most dangerous. Falls are such a common risk for those with PD due to forward stooped posture that alters your center of gravity, difficulty walking due to shuffling feet and freezing gait, fatigue, dyskinesia, and impaired balance. Falling backward is a common concern as many people with PD tend to sway backward when they stand or turn. Freezing of gait also can happen often when turning, approaching an object like a chair, going through doorways, or even when changing patterns or surfaces on the floor. These risk factors highly increase your likelihood of falling. To reduce your risk of falls, medication changes may help. Others may benefit from seeing a physical therapist for gait training and getting the right walking aid, such as a cane or walker. Physical therapy can also negotiate obstacles safer, and work on balance. Those with PD should also avoid going up or down stairs carrying objects in both arms. Finally, avoid or use assistance in situations where there are busy crowds, obstacles on the floor, icy pavement, or inclines. Reach out to Sundog Rehabilitation if you or a loved one are concerned about falling. Got a question you want answered? Visit our website or find us on Facebook and submit it today! Sundog Rehabilitation, llC Serving Rapid Valley, Custer and - Most Insurance Accepted