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WHY DOES MEDIATION WORK? 1. The mediator acts as a guide and the parties participate in their own settlement alternatives. 2. Any communication in mediation cannot be used as evidence in any proceeding and a court appointed mediator may not be a witness. Her notes are not subject to discovery. (SDCL§ 25-4-60) 3. A mediator has no stake in the outcome and may not make a recommendation to the court concerning the matter. (SDCL§ 25-4-62) 4. Parties are more satisfied with the outcome because they are more in control of the outcome. 5. In family mediation the best interest of the child is promoted. The economic and emotional costs associated with divorce and custody are reduced. Lorie D. Melone has been licensed to practice law since 1993 and has 20 years of experience in high conflict divorce mediation. Call today at 605-791-4950 or go to 1107 Mt. Rushmore Road Suite #3A in Rapid City for your legal representation. Lorie D. Melone • Family Law Attorney & Certified Mediator

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