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PENNINGTON COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS Meeting of September 6, 2022 The Pennington County Board of Replacement Funding Agreement for made without application of the formula. 10:00 A.M. PUBLIC HEARING PER SDCL MOVED by LaCroix and seconded by EXECUTIVE SESSION – SDCL 1-25-2 Commissioners met at 9:00 a.m. on structure 52-317-313, project number In waiving this formula for the structure § 7-21-8- CONSIDERATION OF THE Hadcock to adjourn as the Board of MOVED by Rossknecht and seconded Tuesday, September 6, 2022, in the BRO-B 8052(76) PCN 08N2. Vote: of one owner, the Board of County FY2023 PROVISIONAL BUDGET AS THE Adjustment and reconvene as the Board of by Lasseter to go into Executive Session Commission Chambers in the County Unanimous. Commissioners is not prohibited from ANNUAL BUDGET OF APPROPRIATIONS, Commissioners. Vote: Unanimous. pursuant to SDCL 1-25-2(1) for the Administration Building, Rapid City, MOVED by LaCroix and seconded by applying the formula for subsequent new EXPENDITURES AND REVENUES FOR PLANNING & ZONING CONSENT AGENDA purpose of discussing personnel matters South Dakota. Chair Gary Drewes called Lasseter to approve the South Dakota structures by that owner; and PENNINGTON COUNTY, SD: MOVED by ITEMS and SDCL 1-25-2(3) for contractual/ the meeting to order with the following Department of Transportation Bridge NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER LaCroix and seconded by Rossknecht The following item(s) have been placed pending litigation. Vote: Unanimous. The Commissioners present: Deb Hadcock, Replacement Funding Agreement for RESOLVED, that for purpose of this to approve the resolution adopting the on the Consent Agenda for action to be Board remained in Executive Session Lloyd LaCroix, Travis Lasseter and Ron structure 52-575-383, project number resolution, the assessed valuation during 2023 Annual Budget in the amount of taken on all items by a single vote of the from 2:51 p.m. until 4:21 p.m. MOVED Rossknecht. BRO-B 8052(77) PCN 08N3. Vote: any of the seven years may not be less $115,088,274; Uncollectible taxes at Board of Commissioners. Any item may by LaCroix and seconded by Lasseter REVIEW AND APPROVE AGENDA Unanimous. than the assessed valuation of the $4,300,075; Miscellaneous Revenue be removed from the Consent Agenda for to come out of Executive Session. Vote: MOVED by Lasseter and seconded C. SOUTH DAKOTA VW PROGRAM property year preceding the first year of at $57,619,616; Cash Applied of separate action. Unanimous. by LaCroix to approve the agenda as REBATE AGREEMENT: MOVED by LaCroix the tax years following construction; and $8,088,667 and Tax Levy in the amount of MOVED by Hadcock and seconded by Hadcock left the meeting at 4:17 p.m. presented. Vote: Unanimous. and seconded by Hadcock to approve NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER Rossknecht to approve the Planning and $53,680,066. Vote: Unanimous. CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS the South Dakota VW Program Rebate RESOLVED, that any structure that is Zoning consent agenda. Vote: Unanimous. MOVED by Rossknecht and seconded ANNUAL BUDGET FOR PENNINGTON MOVED by Rossknecht and seconded Agreement. Vote: Unanimous. partially constructed on the assessment C. ROAD NAMING: H & H Land Company by Lasseter to allow an exception COUNTY, SD by LaCroix to approve the Consent D. RESOLUTION 2022-09-06-1 date may be valued for tax purposes No. 2, LLC / Brian Hammerbeck. To name to pay policy to place Kaylee Sparks Agenda with the removal of item 9. Vote: SHERIDAN LAKE ROAD SPEED LIMIT: pursuant to this resolution and the For the Year January 1, 2023 to December a 66-foot wide private access easement at B23, Step 6, $23.33/hr., effective 31, 2023 Unanimous. MOVED by Lasseter and seconded by valuation may not be less than the and in portions of a 66-foot wide Section September 4, 2022. Vote: Unanimous. RESOLUTION 7. Approve the minutes of the August 16, Hadcock to approve Resolution 2022- assessed valuation of the property in Line Right-of-Way providing access to MOVED by LaCroix and seconded by ADOPTION OF ANNUAL BUDGET FOR 2022, regular meeting. 09-06-1 to change the speed Limit on the year preceding the beginning of properties located in Sections 13, 24, and Rossknecht to allow an exception to pay PENNINGTON COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA 8. Acknowledge the 2022 Polling Place Sheridan Lake Road from Spring Canyon construction; and 25, in T1S, R9E and Sections 19 and 30, in policy to place Jason Theunissen at C43, Whereas, (7-21-5 thru 13), SDCL provides List as the official polling locations for the Trail west to SD Highway 385, for a NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER T1S, R10E, all of BHM, Pennington County, Step 5, $2,861.60/bi-wkly., effective General Election. distance of 10.5 miles to 50 miles per RESOLVED, that following the seven-year that the Board of County Commissioners South Dakota, to Dancing Wolf Road. September 18, 2022. Vote: Unanimous. shall each year prepare a Provisional 9. Removed for separate consideration. hour. Vote: Unanimous. period under this section, the property Budget of all contemplated expenditures Approve the Road Name of Dancing Wolf MOVED by LaCroix and seconded by 10. Approve a letter of support for the RESOLUTION 2022-09-06-1 shall be assessed at the same percentage and revenues of the County and all its Road. Lasseter to approve Buyers Agency SDDOT for a Bridge Investment Grant for WHEREAS, the Pennington County Board as is all other property for tax purposes. institutions and agencies for such fiscal D. ROAD NAMING: H & H Land Company Agreements as needed with local brokers two bridges along I-90 over Bull Creek. of Commissioners have determined that This resolution repeals and supersedes No. 2, LLC / Brian Hammerbeck. To name a year and, 11. Approve the 2023 Local Emergency it would be in the best interest of the all previous resolutions concerning the Whereas, the Board of County 66-foot-wide access easement providing for the purpose of exploring potential real Management Performance Grant residents of Pennington County that a application of discretionary formulas for Commissioners did prepare a Provisional access to properties located in Section 25, estate purchases to meet County space needs. Vote: Unanimous. Sub-Recipient Agreement. speed limit on Sheridan Lake Road be property in Pennington County. Budget and cause same to be published T1S, R9E and Section 30, T1S, R10E, all of 12. Approve the SD Game Fish & Parks established effective September 19, 2022; Dated this 6th day of September, 2022. BHM, Pennington County, South Dakota, to PAYROLL by law and, Commissioners, 10,932.19; Elections, General Services Contract for snow and Whereas, due and legal notice has Cisco Lane. /s/ Chair Gary Drewes 7,550.39; Auditor, 14,695.46; Treasurer, removal and fall mowing at the Hill Top WHEREAS, this Board has the authority to Pennington County Board of been given to the meeting of the Approve the Road Name of Cisco Lane. Parking Lot for the 2022-2023 season. establish such a speed zone on Sheridan Commissioners Board of County Commissioners for E. ROAD NAMING: H & H Land Company 36,700.63; State’s Attorney 144,010.44; the consideration of such Provisional No. 2, LLC / Brian Hammerbeck. To name a Public Defender, 92,402.55; Buildings 13. Approve the SD Game, Fish & Parks Lake Road pursuant to SDCL 32-25-9.1 ATTEST: (SEAL) Budget and all changes, eliminations and 66-foot-wide access easement providing & Grounds, 62,794.71; Equalization, General Services Contract for snow and SDCL 7-18A-2; /s/ Cindy Mohler, Auditor removal and fall mowing on Whitetail Loop THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that a speed B. 2022 PROPOSED RESOLUTIONS AND additions have been made thereto. access to properties located in Section 25, 41,485.11; Register of Deeds, 14,083.20; Road for the 2022-2023 season. zone limiting the maximum speed of POLICY STATEMENTS CHANGES – SOUTH NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that T1S, R9E, BHM, Pennington County, South IT, 30,786.54; Human Resources, 14. Declare as surplus for the purpose travel to 50 miles per hour be established DAKOTA ASSOCIATION OF COUNTY such Provisional Budget as amended and Dakota, to Two Socks Place. 8,348.81; Sheriff, 297,191.94; Jail, of disposal outdated and inoperable on Sheridan Lake Road beginning at the COMMISSIONERS (SDACC): No action all its purposes, schedules, appropriations, Approve the Road Name of Two Socks 353,481.58; JSC, 110,224.08; JSC amounts, estimates and all matters equipment: 2008 Autoclear X-Ray Spring Canyon Trail intersection, thence taken. Place. Juvenile Alternative, 3,671.33; CCADP, therein set for, shall be approved and Machine, model 6040AD, Asset #5745; west to SD Highway 385 intersection, for a C. SDACC RESTATED AND AMENDED Economic Assistance, adopted as the Annual Budget of the F. ROAD NAMING: H & H Land Company 113,826.24; 2001 Heimann X-Ray Machine High distance of 10.5 miles. BY-LAWS: No action taken. appropriation and expenditures for No. 2, LLC / Brian Hammerbeck. To name a 38,154.41; Extension, 1,492.81; Natural Scan 2416, Asset #6167; and CEIA Metal Dated this 6th day of September 6, 2022. MOVED by LaCroix and seconded by Pennington County, South Dakota, and 66-foot-wide access easement providing Resources, 17,326.34; Planning & Zoning, Detector, Asset #5384. /s/ Chair Gary Drewes Lasseter to take item 19 off of the table. all its institutions and agencies for access to properties located in Section 18,463.52; Road & Bridge, 105,596.48; End of Consent Agenda Items Pennington County Board of Vote: Unanimous. calendar year beginning January 1, 2023 19, T1S, R10E, BHM, Pennington County, Fire Administration, 4,082.44; Dispatch, 9. APPROVE A LETTER OF SUPPORT FOR Commissioners ITEMS FROM BUILDINGS & GROUNDS: and ending December 31, 2023, and the South Dakota, to Kostner Court. 117,758.41; Emergency Management, THE BLACK HILLS NATIONAL FOREST: ATTEST: (SEAL) A. COURTHOUSE TUNNEL REPLACEMENT same is hereby approved and adopted by Approve the Road Name of Kostner Court. MOVED by LaCroix and seconded by /s/ Cindy Mohler, Auditor – DESIGN SERVICES PROPOSAL: No action the Board of County Commissioners of G. ROAD NAMING: H & H Land Company 5,554.38; 24-7 Program, 9,907.49; Rossknecht to approve a letter of support E. AUTHORIZATION TO ADVERTISE AND taken. Pennington County, South Dakota, this 6th No. 2, LLC / Brian Hammerbeck. To name a MacArthur Safety & Justice, 10,202.04. for the Black Hills National Forest to LET PORTLAND CEMENT CONCRETE 10:00 A.M. PUBLIC HEARING PER SDCL day of September,2022. 66-foot-wide access easement providing PAYROLL acquire 160 acres of privately-owned land REPAIR: MOVED by Lasseter and seconded § 7-21-8- CONSIDERATION OF THE The Annual Budget so adopted is available access to properties located in Sections Commissioners, 11,086.19; Elections, thru a Land and Water Conservation Fund by LaCroix to authorize the Highway FY2023 PROVISIONAL BUDGET AS THE for public inspection during normal 19 and 30, T1S, R10E, BHM, Pennington 9,811.19; Auditor, 13,695.47; Treasurer, proposal. Vote: Unanimous. Department to advertise and let bids for ANNUAL BUDGET OF APPROPRIATIONS, business hours at the office of the County County, South Dakota, to Standing Fist 36,057.22; State’s Attorney 141,390.67; PENNINGTON COUNTY BOARD OF PCC 2022 Portland Cement Concrete EXPENDITURES AND REVENUES FOR Auditor Pennington County, South Dakota. Road. Public Defender, 86,909.37; Buildings MENTAL ILLNESS APPOINTMENTS: Repair for Liberty Boulevard. Vote: PENNINGTON COUNTY, SD: MOVED by The accompanying taxes are levied by Approve the Road Name of Standing Fist & Grounds, 65,494.41; Equalization, MOVED by Rossknecht and seconded Unanimous. LaCroix and seconded by Rossknecht to Pennington County for the year 2022 and Road. 45,774.87; Register of Deeds, 13,190.04; by Hadcock to re-appoint Ms. Elizabeth ITEMS FROM COMMISSION MANAGER increase the 2023 Budget as follows: IT are payable in the year 2023. End of Consent Agenda Items IT, 30,350.41; Human Resources, th Allison and Ms. Nicole Heenan to a second, A. DISCRETIONARY FORMULA Department’s budget $4,800, General Dated this 6 day of September, 2022 CONTESTED HEARING(S) 8,348.80; Sheriff, 326,072.18; Jail, 3-year term on the Board of Mental Illness RESOLUTION: MOVED by Rossknecht BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF Fund Operating Transfer Out budget H. PUBLIC HEARING OF ORDINANCE 375,028.79; JSC, 111,065.04; JSC & Board of Review. Vote: Unanimous. and seconded by LaCroix to approve the $75,900; and to increase the Fire Fund PENNINGTON COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA AMENDMENT / OA 22-01: To add Juvenile Alternative, 3,658.30; CCADP, MOVED by LaCroix and seconded by resolution applying the discretionary Operating Transfer In revenue in the /s/ Gary Drewes, Chair Section 321 “Hard Rock Mining” [to add 114,240.02; Economic Assistance, Hadcock to appoint Ms. Patricia Meyers, formula to new affordable housing /s/ Lloyd LaCroix, Vice Chair amount of $75,900. Vote: Unanimous. Section 321 “Hard Rock Mining”] to the 40,244.82; Extension, 1,625.76; Natural Mr. Larry Beesley and Ms. Terri Phelps to structures per SDCL 10-6-137(6) with /s/ Deb Hadcock, Commissioner MOVED by Hadcock and seconded by Pennington County Zoning Ordinance. Resources, 14,651.79; Planning & Zoning, a 9-month temporary term on the Board the formula being applied at the State’s LaCroix to reduce the 2023 LEPC Fund /s/ Travis Lasseter, Commissioner MOVED by LaCroix and seconded 18,930.17; Road & Bridge, 101,763.98; of Mental Illness & Board of Review. Vote: mandatory maximum amounts. Vote: The /s/ Ron Rossknecht, Commissioner budget $9,000. Vote: Unanimous. by Rossknecht to continue this item Unanimous. motion carried 3-2 with Hadcock and Fire Administration, 4,082.44; Dispatch, MOVED by LaCroix and seconded by COUNTY TAX indefinitely. Vote: Unanimous. CENTRAL STATES FAIR GROUNDS Lasseter voting no. DOLLARS $’s/1,000 APPROVAL OF VOUCHERS: MOVED by 115,600.29; Emergency Management, Lasseter for one half-time FTE for LEVIES BUILDING RENOVATIONS PROJECT: PENNINGTON COUNTY RESOLUTION Emergency Management with no impact General Fund LaCroix and seconded by Lasseter to 5,554.39; 24-7 Program, 8,946.64; $43,769,169 3.594 MOVED by Hadcock and seconded by ANNUAL ASSESSMENT OF PROPERTY to the General Fund. Vote: Unanimous. approve the voucher for the Rose Inn MacArthur Safety & Justice, 10,090.46. Accumulated Lasseter to award the Central States APPLICATION OF DISCRETIONARY $6,497,288 0.533 ACCOUNT OF THE MOVED by LaCroix and seconded by Building Fund LLC. in the amount of $3,600.00. Vote: AUDITOR’S Fairgrounds Buildings Renovations Project FORMULA TO SPECIFIED PROPERTIES Hadcock for one half-time FTE for Fire Fair Fund The motion carried 4-0 with Hadcock TREASURER: To the Pennington County $547,165 0.045 #22029 to SECO Construction Inc., Rapid WHEREAS, the County of Pennington, Administration with impact to the General COUNTY abstaining. MOVED by LaCroix and Board of Commissioners, I hereby submit City, SD as the low bidder in the amount of State of South Dakota has deemed it in Fund $43,000 ($15,000 remodel; $28,000 CONSOLIDATED $50,813,622 4.172 seconded by Rossknecht to approve the the following report of my examination $816,775. Vote: Unanimous. the best interest of the County to adopt a personnel costs). Vote: Unanimous. remaining vouchers entered below for of the cash and cash items in the hands LEVY ITEMS FROM AUDITOR Resolution implementing a Discretionary MOVED by LaCroix and seconded by County Fire Fund $253,192 expenditures for insurance, professional of the County Treasurer as of August 0.069 A. RENEWAL OF HUNTING PRESERVE Formula for the reduced taxation of new Hadcock for one three-quarter time FTE Library Fund services, publications, rentals, supplies, 26, 2022: Total balances of checking/ $529,718 0.145 ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE LICENSE: MOVED structures and additions and partially for Planning and Zoning with impact to the Unorganized repairs, maintenance, travel, conference savings accounts 24,711,053.13; Total by LaCroix and seconded by Lasseter constructed structures pursuant to SDCL $2,083,534 0.921 General Fund $25,588. Vote: Unanimous. Road Fund fees, utilities, furniture and equipment balance of Treasurer’s Office safe cash, to approve the renewal of the hunting 10-6-137. MOVED by LaCroix and seconded by totaling $809,574.45. Vote: Unanimous. 17,000.00; Wells Fargo Securities preserve alcoholic beverage license to WHEREAS, the assessed value to be used As of September 6, 2022, these levies have Dakota Honey Hole LLC. and to release the for tax purposes of any structure classified Hadcock to approve three full-time FTE’s not been approved by the Department of A & A Professional Property Management, Investments, 9,887,658.97; Total Prime 5,105.00; Amerigas Propane LP, 135.36; Value Investment, 38,491,758.23; Total license upon payment of the appropriate pursuant to 10-6-137 be calculated at a for the Sheriff’s Office with net impact Revenue. property taxes. Vote: Unanimous. no more than twenty-five percent in the to the General Fund $82,786. Vote: MOVED by LaCroix and seconded by AT&T Mobility, 4,661.72; BH Electric petty cash, 17,990.00; Total NSF Checks, Cooperative Inc, 134.99; BH Energy, ITEMS FROM TREASURER first or second year, no more than fifty Unanimous. Lasseter to take a ten-minutes recess. 1,444.21; BH Energy, 238.00; BH Energy, 2,122.44; Total long/short, (595.74); Total, A. UNCOLLECTIBLE MOBILE HOMES percent in the third or fourth year, no more MOVED by LaCroix and seconded by Vote: Unanimous. 73,126,987.03. Submitted by Lori Wessel, WARRANTS FOR 2021: MOVED by than seventy-five percent in the fifth or Drewes for one full-time FTE for the ITEMS FROM PUBLIC: No public 559.37; BH Energy, 53.32; Bluepeak, Deputy Auditor. Care Campus (Detox) with impact to the 120.88; Bluepeak, 1,429.17; Bluepeak, Hadcock and seconded by Lasseter sixth year, and one hundred percent in the General Fund $74,898. Vote: Unanimous. comment. 302.06; Century Link, 139.52; Century PERSONNEL: Amounts listed are hourly, to declare the mobile home taxes as seventh year; and ITEMS FROM PLANNING & ZONING Link, 89.08; City Of Hill City, 46.59; City bi-weekly or per meeting depending on uncollectible, in the amount of $1,570.90, NOW, THERFORE BE IT RESOLVED, MOVED by LaCroix and seconded by BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT: MOVED by Of Rapid City - Water, 2,276.14; City position. Rossknecht for one full-time FTE for the for the uncollected distress warrants as by the Pennington County Board of LaCroix and seconded by Rossknecht to Of Rapid City -Water, 3,469.09; City Of 24/7: Effective 08/21/2022: Kuwaaupe follows: DW162021 – Denise Alverson; Commissioners that the following State’s Attorney’s Office with impact to the convene as the Board of Adjustment. Vote: Rapid City -Water, 1,273.50; City Of Morris, $17.10. DW342021 – Blanche Bell; DW392021 – properties shall be specifically classified General Fund $91,452. Vote: The motion & Grounds: Effective Wall, 178.60; Eagle Ridge Apartments Buildings David Biers; DW972021 – Amanda Delzer; for the purpose of taxation pursuant to carried 3-2 with Hadcock and Lasseter Unanimous. A. VARIANCE / VA 22-18: Wood Stock I, 1,112.00; Eagle Ridge Apartments 08/22/2022: Zoe Moore, $14.68; Jeremiah voting no. DW1192021 – Dale Fink; DW1392021 – SDCL § 10-6-137: Jerry or Eva Good, DW2342021 – Melvin (6) Any new affordable housing structure MOVED by LaCroix and seconded by Supply Inc. To reduce the side yard II, 403.00; Executive Mgmt Fin Office, Kendall, $15.04. Leui, DW3492021 – Chance Ryckman, containing four or more units with a Rossknecht to approve one unfunded setback from 25 feet to 8 feet in a Heavy 36.25; First Interstate Bank, 1,188.47; Care Campus: Effective 09/04/2022: DW4652021 – Cheryll Jenniges or Wallis monthly rental rate of the units at or full-time FTE for the State’s Attorney’s Industrial District in accordance with First Interstate Bank, 2,041.27; First Alexis Miranda, $24.79. Effective Wells, DW4762021 – Richard Wulf. Vote: below the annually calculated rent for the Office with no impact to the General Fund. Sections 214 and 509 of the Pennington Interstate Bank, 3,619.44; First Interstate 09/06/2022: Justin Ward, $16.67; Kiley Bank, 2,472.05; First Interstate Bank, Schaeffer, 17.98. Unanimous. state’s sixty percent area median income Vote: The motion carried 4-1 with Hadcock County Zoning Ordinance. Lots A and B of Tract B of SW¼ Less Lot 19.44; First Interstate Bank, 98.23; First Highway: Effective 09/06/2022: Garland ITEMS FROM BUILDINGS & GROUNDS: being used by the South Dakota Housing voting no. A. COURTHOUSE TUNNEL REPLACEMENT Development Authority, for a minimum MOVED by LaCroix and seconded by H3 of Said Lot B, Including Lot H2 of Tract Interstate Bank, 8.28; First Interstate Spears, $18.40. – DESIGN SERVICES PROPOSAL: MOVED of ten years following the date of first Lasseter for one unfunded full-time FTE B, Section 27, T2N, R8E, BHM, Pennington Bank, 480.29; First Interstate Bank, Jail: Effective 09/04/2022: Jasmine Hiatt, 981.21; First Interstate Bank, 139.00; by LaCroix and seconded by Lasseter to occupancy, if the structure has a full and for the Public Defender’s Office with no County, South Dakota. $18.66; Kyle Thomson, $26.16. Effective table this item. Vote: Unanimous. true value of thirty thousand dollars or impact to the General Fund. Vote: The MOVED by Hadcock and seconded by Foothills East Apartments, 685.00; Forest 09/06/2022: Amanda Parette, $27.49. motion carried 4-1 with Hadcock voting Rossknecht to approve VA 22-18 with Ridge Properties LLC, 4,541.95; Fremont ITEMS FROM HIGHWAY more; and Planning & Zoning: Effective 09/06/2022: A. 2020 LOCAL FEDERAL BRIDGE NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER no. one (1) condition. Vote: Unanimous. (Full Apartments LLC, 1,160.00; Global Tel’link, Christine Phillip, $18.40. MOVED by LaCroix and seconded by 24.23; Golden West Companies, 79.95; PROGRAM FUNDING AGREEMENT RESOLVED, that the assessed value to conditions are available on the web at Register of Deeds: Effective 09/18/2022: AMENDMENTS: MOVED by Hadcock be used for tax purposes of any structure Hadcock to table the Adoption of the 2023 Harmony Heights, 4,408.00; Maher Claudia Uecker, $18.66. and seconded by LaCroix to approve classified pursuant to this Resolution shall, Annual Budget. Vote: Unanimous. and in person at the Pennington County William J, 8,450.00; Maple Green LLC, 2,516.86; Maplewood Townhouses, Sheriff: Effective 08/07/2022: Jonathan Amendment 1 to the South Dakota following construction, be calculated as NOTICE OF INTENT TO RESCIND OR Planning & Zoning Office). TO AMEND SOMETHING PREVIOUSLY 274.00; Melcher Rodney E, 1,950.00; McCary, 24.85. Effective 08/21/2022: Department of Transportation Bridge follows: B. SUBDIVISION REGULATIONS VARIANCE Replacement Funding Agreement Number For the first tax year: 25% of the ADOPTED - COUNTY ADMINISTRATION / SV 22-08: Caputa Acres LLC; Milton Midcontinent Communications, 1,409.69; Dustin Morrison, $44.46; Stephanie BUILDING 4-DAY COMPRESSED Midcontinent Communications, 3,352.31; Born, $21.18. Effective 08/28/2022, Kyle 717469 for structure 52-896-490. Vote: Pre-Adjustment Value; Gutknecht. To waive the requirements Unanimous. a. For the second tax year: 25% of the WORKWEEK PROPOSAL: MOVED by to construct a road to Ordinance 14 Midcontinent Communications, 1,848.50; McSherry, $17.10. Rossknecht and seconded by Lasseter Montana Dakota Utilities, 6,836.94; States Attorney: Effective 08/21/2022: MOVED by Hadcock and seconded Pre-Adjustment Value; Standards. Montana Dakota Utilities, 685.15; Stellaluce Bond, $18.66. Effective by Lasseter to approve Amendment b. For the third tax year: 50% of the to rescind the action that was taken on GL 1-2 and Tract 1 of NE1/4SE1/4 Less S July 19, 2022. Vote: The motion carried Montana Dakota Utilities, 1,206.14; Muth 1 to the South Dakota Department of Pre-Adjustment Value; Lazy U Sub. And Less ROW, both of Section Holdings LLC, 1,990.00; Pennington 09/06/2022: Jason Thomas, $3,080.00. Transportation Bridge Replacement c. For the fourth tax year: 50% of the 3-2 with Drewes and LaCroix voting no. Treasurer: Effective 09/19/2022: Brittany Hadcock called the question. Vote: 6, T1S, R10E, BHM, Pennington County, County Housing & Redevelopment, Mills, $18.66 Funding Agreement Number 717470 for Pre-Adjustment Value; South Dakota. 9,310.00; Pioneer Bank & Trust, 6,461.79; structure 52-952-341. Vote: Unanimous. d. For the fifth tax year: 75% of the Unanimous. ADJOURN MOVED by LaCroix and seconded by MOVED by LaCroix and seconded by Pioneer Bank & Trust, 12,956.92; Pioneer MOVED by Hadcock and seconded Pre-Adjustment Value; MOVED by LaCroix and seconded by by LaCroix to approve Amendment 1 e. For the sixth tax year: 75% of the Rossknecht to approve implementing a Rossknecht to allow the exception to Bank & Trust, 415.44; Sanford Janice, Lasseter to adjourn the meeting. Vote: 4-day 10-hour work week January 2, 2023, SV 22-08 to not build to Ordinance 14 6,036.00; Sioux Avenue LLC, 3,300.00; to the South Dakota Department of Pre-Adjustment Value; Unanimous. The meeting was adjourned Standards, build 18-foot-wide, with 2-foot with publications going out to the three Tzadik Rapid City LLC, 320.00; VB Rapid Transportation Bridge Replacement f. For the seventh tax year: 100% of the newspapers and the Pennington County’s ditches, with a 4 to 1 in-slope with 3 to Creek, 2,190.00; Verizon Wireless, at 4:25 p.m. Funding Agreement Number 717471 for Pre-Adjustment Value; structure 52-953-340. Vote: Unanimous. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER Website. Vote: The motion carried 4-1 with 1 back-slope and to direct the Highway 965.08; Verizon Wireless, 572.94; Verizon /s/ Cindy Mohler, Auditor Department to bring back a resolution Wireless, 212.19; Wellmark, 684,260.49; (Published September 22, 2022 at B. 2021 LOCAL FEDERAL BRIDGE RESOLVED, the Board of County Lasseter voting no. PROGRAM FUNDING AGREEMENTS: Commissioners may, if requested by the MOVED by LaCroix and seconded by to designate the road as a minimum West River Electric, 441.01; West River the total approximate cost of $604.89 MOVED by LaCroix and seconded by owner of any of the above-described Lasseter to take the Adoption of the maintenance road and that the applicant Electric, 66.34; Whisper Rock Apartments, and may be viewed free of charge at Lasseter to approve the South Dakota property, not apply the above formula, in 2023 Annual Budget off of the table. Vote: pay for the minimum maintenance signs. 3,412.00; Wichmann Carney W, 2,740.00; Willys Rentals LLC, 240.00. Legal No: 50743 Vote: Unanimous. Department of Transportation Bridge which case the full assessment shall be Unanimous.