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SUNDAY Prime Time
6 PM


November 22, 2020


7 PM


8 PM


9 PM



The Trouble With Maggie Cole Villagers
gather for celebrations. (N)

Roadkill on Masterpiece Peter makes a
shocking announcement. (N)

Secrets of Royal Travel Inside story of
five-star regal luxury. (N)


NCIS: Los Angeles Nell sends Sam to
meet an informant who plans to blow the
whistle on a military secret. (N)

NCIS: New Orleans “One of Our Own”
(N) (DVS)

NCIS “Under Covers” When the bodies of KELOLAND News at Inside KELOLAND
two assassins are delivered to NCIS, Tony Ten (N)
and Ziva go under cover.

America’s Funniest Home Videos (N)

2020 American Music Awards Honoring musicians at the annual ceremony. (N Same-day Tape)


Football Night in
America (N) (Live)

NFL Football Kansas City Chiefs at Las Vegas Raiders (N) (Live) (SAP)


The Simpsons

The Simpsons


M*A*S*H Hawkeye
and B.J. are lost.

WKRP in Cincinnati Columbo “Ransom for a Dead Man” An attorney murders her husband, fakes his kidnap- Collector’s Call
“Turkeys Away”
ping and keeps the ransom.
“Joel Magee”

The Simpsons (N)

Bless the Harts (N) Bob’s Burgers (N)

Star Trek “The Menagerie” Spock’s defense Star Trek: The Next Generation A shipwreck survivor emulates Data.

HEROICN is from Talos IV. (Part 2 of 2)

The Horse Relative The horse and the
Dakota people.

To Be Announced
Family Guy “Wild
Wild West” (N)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine “A Time to
Stand” Sisko targets a storage facility.

Black Hills Fox News (N) (Live)

11 PM
Firing Line With
Margaret Hoover

Central Ave (N)

Central Ave (N)

To the Contrary
With Bonnie Erbé

Face the Nation (N) Matter of Fact With NCIS A Navy lieutenant is found murdered;
Soledad O’Brien (N) the team interviews families in the victim’s
odd neighborhood.
KOTA Territory
News at 10 (N)

NCIS: New Orleans Pride’s father is
wrapped up in an NCIS case involving a
notorious unsolved casino heist.

Newscenter1 Sunday News (N)

The World’s Funni- Meet the Press
est Weather

Castle “The Limey”

The Outdoorsman Last Man Standing Last Man Standing Modern Family
With Buck McNeely “Tasers”
“Stud Muffin”

Star Trek: Voyager “Body and Soul” Seven Star Trek: Enterprise “The Forge” A suiof Nine tries to save the Doctor.
cide bombing on Vulcan.

NFL Football Kansas City Chiefs at Las Vegas Raiders The Chiefs try to get even with the Raiders. Las Vegas snapped a five-game To Be Announced
series slide with a stunning 40-32 victory at Kansas City in Week 5. Derek Carr passed for 347 yards and three TDs, including a
72-yarder to Henry Ruggs III, in that game. (N) (Live) (HDTV SAP)

Comics Unleashed Comics Unleashed Funny You Should RightThisMinute (N) Major Crimes
With Byron Allen
With Byron Allen


The Honeymooners The Dick Van Dyke The Dick Van Dyke The Twilight Zone
“Pal O’ Mine”

Football Night in
America (N) (Live)

Pandora “A Fool Such as I” Illegal weapons The Outpost “Go Ahead and Run” The
are tracked to a ship. (N)
Outpost becomes a home for a brute. (N)

10 PM

Warrior Women (2018) The life of Lakota
activist Madonna Thunder Hawk.

Newscenter1 Sunday News (N)

The Twilight Zone

The Dead Zone “Unreasonable Doubt”
Johnny tries to prove a man’s innocence.

The World’s Funni- Meet the Press
est Weather

Seinfeld “The Soup” American Ninja Warrior Najee Richardson, Meadowland (2015, Drama) Olivia Wilde, Luke Wilson. A couple
Joe Moravsky and more.
try to cope with the abduction of their son.
Access Hollywood (N)

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