The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints compound near Pringle requested state permission to drill another water well. But on Thursday, the board with authority over the application deadlocked 3-3, so the hearing will continue on Oct. 14.

Aerial photography is something we do from time to time at the Journal in order to get the scope of an area or get photos we can't from the ground.  

On Wednesday, I found myself circling above the huge Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints compound near Pringle.

The compound features several buildings my pilot called "dorms," huge garden areas, several construction projects and a massive dirt rectangle pad.

What I didn't see during my time above the compound was people.  Not a soul. This massive area looked like a ghost town. Maybe I caught them all inside during breakfast?

Some have theorized there is a large tunnel system below the buildings that allows people to move at the compound without going above ground. Other say most at the compound are rarely allowed to go outside and when they hear someone coming they run inside and hide. 

Who knows, but flying over that massive of place without seeing anyone was a bit unsettling. 

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