Every successful business owner who went to college learned the basic business 101 supply and demand model. The more people that want your product and the less supply you have, the more you can charge. The Sturgis motorcycle rally is no different.

Whether you’re walking down Main Street Sturgis, camping at one of the multitudes of campgrounds or headed out for a day ride on that stallion of a Harley, you’re going to pay. Just ignore the pain you feel every time that credit card swipes. Your bank account will hate you later, but for now, enjoy that forth beer and second foot-long hot dog.

Who am I kidding, prices are outrageous! I’m a college student; I can’t afford to buy a $9 pita from the Pita Pit and a $2 bottle of water. I guess I’m surviving on stale newsroom chips …

I’ve heard people say they spend at least $2,000 every year to come to the rally. In a story I wrote for the Journal, coming out in this Sunday’s paper, I explored exactly how someone can spend nearly one semester of my college tuition on a week-long vacation. For those of you interested, I go to school in Montana, i.e. coal and oil revenue.

How many beers, foot-long hot dogs, concerts and t-shirts does one have to buy to spend over $2,000 in a week? I guess at $5 a beer, $35 t-shirts, $75 concerts and $9 pitas, not much.

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Your poor bank account; it’s suffering from dollar anemia, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Or is there?

Take a stand with me and eat those stale newsroom chips, instead of those mouth-watering, all-you-can-eat steak tips at the Loud American Roadhouse. Demand that those thirst-quenching beers be reduced to normal rates. Where are my hardcore bikers, they wouldn’t take any of this crap from vendors!

In this economy, the middle man is on hard times, and vendors are really placing us between a rock and a hard place. We middle- to low-income people want to attend the rally, but need money for food for the next seven months.

Vendors should realize that they can sell more by charging less. By charging less, you attract more customers to your product. It’s a simple, straight-forward business plan.

You’re welcome in advance, 2014 rally vendors.

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