I might be a lead foot when it comes to driving my big red Ford F-150 with a grill guard that could take out Sasquatch, but I’ve driven through worse traffic than anything the rally can throw at me. Have you even been to Williston, ND? That’s where I live.

I’ve sat for 45 minutes in a line of cars on the interstate, just to exit and have to wait another 20 before finally reaching my destination, only six miles from where I started. People need to pull on their big boy pants, turn on the ignition to their little Toyota Prius and learn to drive.

That said; you don’t need to drive 90 miles an hour down the road, bobbing and weaving through traffic like you’re Jeff Gordon. Be courteous, be patient and most of all follow the rules of the road outlined below.

Jackson’s rules of the road:

1. When you’re driving on the interstate, the slow lane is the right lane. When you pass someone, please pull in. This includes you bikers as well.

2. If you’re passing someone, don’t take all day to do it. Get around them and then slow down to your reasonable speed. Some of us have deadlines to make.

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3. When people are trying to get on the road, move over, stop for them and/or give them a little wave to pull out.

4. Don’t just park wherever you feel like. Make sure you can actually park in that person’s driveway, towing fees are expensive.

5. If you see someone having trouble with their vehicle or looks lost, stop and see if you can help. After all, this is South Dakota.

6. Motorcyclists, please don’t think that just because you’re some hardcore biker that you can make a fully loaded two-on semi-truck stop on a dime. It will squash you!

Now I’m not saying that you can’t go out and enjoy the festivities of the rally, but be careful. Don’t drink at drive, be a defensive driver and watch out for that pesky 5-0.

I’m glad I could give you a little bit of wisdom from Jackson’s driver’s training school. After all, my sister is a certified driver’s education teacher. Try riding with her for a day, and you’ll think my rules of the road are a piece of cake.

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