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Denver Nuggets Kenny Sailors poses in this 1950 photo. It started out as just another one-on-one game between two farm boys. But this one, on a warm spring day nearly 72 years ago, changed the world of basketball. Sailors, 13, was being dominated by his older, taller brother, Bud, as they battled on the dirt next to a windmill supporting a homemade wooden backboard and netless rim. Out of frustration, he leaped to keep Bud from swatting away his shot. It worked, and Kenny went on to perfect the jump shot. 

It's not often that I share someone else's story, but I'll share this story by Brad Botkin on

The story (and video) is on Kenny Sailors, who led Wyoming to the 1943 NCAA men's basketball title. Sailors is considered the father of the modern day jump shot. About two years ago I blogged about a story that Sports Illustrated did on him.

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This story is worth another look. 

Here's the link: Kenny Sailors

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