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Religious Freedom Day

June Ballard, center, joined Mayor Miles Bannan, left, and Council member Cheryl Welch, right, in proclaiming Jan. 16 as Religious Freedom Day in Chadron at Monday's council meeting.


Is it someone's birthday? Maybe a wedding anniversary? Somebody discovered something?--an explorer! a scientist? An astronomer?

THIS January 13th is special because it is RELIGIOUS FREEDOM SUNDAY!

Did you even know there is a Religious Freedom Day? It is actually on January 16th each year and observed in churches, hopefully, the Sunday before the 16th.

For some eight years now I have requested Proclamations of Religious Freedom Day on January 16th from the Nebraska State Governor and the Mayor of Chadron –quite successfully, I might add. I do not have to request one from the United States President, because the Congress has already required one from him since January of 1993.

1993! And you don't know about it! Well, maybe you do. Maybe your pastor did mention something about that way back in January last year, and the year before, and the year before. Maybe you even noticed something about it in The Chadron Record. There have been a few times they have printed my articles about it. And even my picture with the Mayor and the City Councilpersons.

I wish I could afford to have a page in the newspaper with an enlarged copy of the Proclamation that would catch your attention—maybe. Woe is me and alas, alas!

I am not lying to you. Next Sunday is really and truly Religious Freedom Sunday.

Last Monday night I was there at the City Council meeting and the mayor signed the proclamation. The governor's office called me to confirm that the Governor would indeed make such a proclamation. And that is the truth! CELEBRATE!

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