Seniors share memories, plans, advice

Seniors share memories, plans, advice


The pandemic of 2020 certainly changed the way we do things, and perhaps one of the hardest hit groups were the graduating classes of 2020. Though they will not get the traditional ceremony that comes with graduation, school districts and communities have made efforts to recognize these seniors.

Recently, The Chadron Record posed a series of questions to the graduating seniors.


1: What are some of your fondest memories of high school?

2: What do you plan to do after graduation?

3: What is some advice you would like to give incoming freshmen?

4: What are your thoughts on how COVID-19 has changed your final few months of school/graduation?

5: Any additional words you’d like to share with the community.

Hailey Hallsted

1: My time in One Acts was definitely one of my fondest memories of high school and I will remember those times forever.

2: I plan to further my education at CSC and major in Biology and work to get my nursing degree.

3: Try as many things as you can.

4: It’s definitely made me grateful for the memories I was able to make up until now so I will have them with me forever.

5: Thanks for all the love and support from the community throughout the years.

Herny Bien

1: Having a social time with both staff and students

2: I am planning to continue studying at Northeast Community College, starting next fall, majoring in welding

3: Continue working hard and be kind to one another

4: To be completely honest, I was very disappointed at first, but now I have come to a realization that this is something that is out of our control and no one asked for it, we just have to learn how to accept it and move on.

5: Keep practice social distancing, we cannot control the virus but we can control it from spreading

Taylor Jackson

1: Going to sporting events and dances with my friends.

2: I plan to attend Wayne State College to study either Psychology or Substance Abuse Counseling.

3: I would tell the freshman to come into high school not caring what other people thought of them and doing what makes them happy.

4: I am really bummed about how my senior year ended. I was looking forward to experiencing the “lasts” with the people I love.

Cooper Wild

1: My fondest memoirs of highschool would be all the good times me and my group of buddies had.

2: I am going to CSC to play football and majoring in Wildlife Mangement to become a Game Warden

3: Enjoy it; it doesn’t last long

4: It definitely sucks because me and my senior class didn’t get to go to our senior prom or have a normal graduation

5: I believe that in our town it takes a community to raise a child and I wanna thank our community for raising such a great senior class.

Curt Bruhn

1: One of my fondest memories in high school would be dancing with the dance team during my senior year pep rally. I also made a lot of “good” memories/lessons going to track meets with Clark Riesen.

2: I plan on attending Wayne State and majoring in Conservation Biology and minoring in Criminal Justice.

3; Enjoy every moment you have in high school because you never know when it will be over. “A lion leading a pack of donkeys will defeat a donkey leading a pack of lions in battle” -Anonymous

4: I never would have thought that the last day of school before spring break would have been my last day of high school ever.

5: I would like to thank the community for all the love and support they have shown Chadron High in the past four years. Chadron truly is the best place to grow up.

Trevor Berry

1: Taking in sports and other activities with friends

2: I am planning on going to Central Wyoming to golf and I will also be going into the educational field

3: Every senior wishes for that “one more chance” so don’t take anything for granted because you never know when it will end.

4: It’s kind of scary not knowing what is going to happen but at the same time we’re all working together to make the most out of it so that is all we can ask for.

5: Stay safe

Mandee Dotson

1: The Lip Dubs that we did and sitting with my friends.

2: I plan on going to the skills house after high school to learn life skills.

3: Work hard and have fun.

4: It is a dream come true for me because I've always wanted to be homeschooled ever since Preschool.

5: Thanks for being healthy and safe.

Natalie Hankin

1: My fondest memory of high school would be after a dance team performance at football or basketball games and hearing the crowd's applause.

2: I am going to the University of Nebraska at Omaha to study secondary education; my motivation was from some of the awesome teachers at CHS.

3: Know your place, but know that the upperclassmen were in the same place as you and to not let them give you a hard time (unless you need it).

4: It's tough knowing that my semester was cut short and that I will never walk the halls of Chadron High as a student again, but there was no other option and I feel like we are all trying to make the best out of it, given the situation we are in.

Bristyn Cummings

1: Friday night lights, homecoming dances, walking the halls with friends between classes, bus trips with my teammates, and the opportunity to go intellectually and physically.

2: I am planning to attend Chadron State College studying Elementary Education and Special Education.

3: Do not letting anyone get in your head, you are a strong individual and you have people who care and who are proud of you for the hard work you are doing. Never give up on your dream.

4: I am very mad that the covid-19 had to happen at the end of my senior year. My class has been through so many ups and downs and all we have wished for was getting to walk across the stage and show themselves, their classmates, and families that they did it.

5: Personally, stop posting about your graduated senior who got to walk across the stage but thank you for all of the love and support you are giving the class of 2020!

Savanna Sayaloune

1: My fondest memories have come from running crossing country with an awesome group of coaches and athletes. I also really loved getting to interact in all the clubs CHS offered. The teachers at Chadron 2: have made such in impact by always being there with whatever we needed. That was probably the most helpful part throughout high school.

3: Enjoy every minute of high school because it goes by super fast. Definitely try new activities. You will find some really great friends in doing so.

4: It has been really upsetting to not have the traditional senior year and finish out our last year with the people we grew up with. I really miss track this year, so that was one of the things I would say I’ll miss most.

Dillan Sayaloune

1: My fondest memories were for sure engaging in the student sections!

2: I plan on attending Powerline School.

3: Enjoy every second of your high school goes by faster than you can imagine.

4: It’s changed in many ways. Not being able to enjoy time with your friend or even family. Missing the most important dates of our senior year crushes us and all of our parents.

5: Take care of yourselves!!

Shannon O’Rourke

1: Homecoming

2: Attending CSC for a year and hopefully Utah State University and BHSU, get a degree in communication and tourism

3: Everything will work out in the end.

4: This has not been my best year but I'm pulling through.

Madisyn Hamar

1: The proms & dances, the athletic events, and pep rallies are just a few great experiences I’ve had at CHS. I loved being around my friends and making new connections. I will never forget the impact the teachers and faculty have had on me.

2: I am going to Mid Plains Community College - North Platte to play softball and study physical education to eventually become a coach.

3: My advice to the freshman is to enjoy the little things in high school and don’t take it for granted. These four years go by fast. Me and many of my classmates could agree we took it all for granted once our senior year was cut short because of COVID-19.

4: It made me realize that nothing is 100% promised. We are supposed to be enjoying our last few months as seniors and experience the best part of high school. We all took it for granted thinking that it was always going to happen, but I have been able to learn that it is something that can’t be controlled.

5: I am grateful for the Chadron community’s constant support with everything the past four years. Your help does not go unnoticed. Thank you!

Brooklynn Fritzler

1: Doing make-up for One acts and Shrek the Musical my Junior year.

2: I plan on apprenticing at Lighthouse Tattoo and Piercing.

3: Good luck

4: I'm sad I wont get a tradition graduation ceremony, but i'm looking forward to my future.

Cole Madsen

1: My best memory of high school was being able to play football for four years.

2: I plan on attending Chadron State College to study Rangeland Management.

3: Do not be scared to try new things and just have fun!

4: I was looking forward to walking with my classmates at graduation as a whole. However, I know we will all be stronger as we go forward.

Levi Glines

1: Football, Rodeo, being with friends

2: United States Air Force Academy Preparatory School, Engineering, Aviation

3: It goes faster than you think.

4: It sucks losing parts of my senior year, but it had to end eventually, just a couple months early.

5: Stay safe and have a great summer.

Naleya Goings

1: Making memories with my friends and making new friends. Also being able to have fun most times with the teachers and other staff.

2: I wanna be able to go to EWC for cosmetology school.

3: Don’t group yourself with the same friends you come in high school with. Become friends with everyone and have the time of your life because it may seem like a long ways to graduation but it’ll fly by so fast.

4: It’s just very sad that we didn’t get to experience something every senior should have but at least we still get something.

5: Thank you Chadron High!

Lauren Collins

1: My best memories of high school have consistently been when I am a part of team. Competing at events like State Leadership Conference for FBLA and Nationals NHD have always been great to have my friends with me. Basketball and volleyball have a whole other energy to it that I will never forget. In addition, just being in clubs like Student Council and Cardinals Committed where we work in the school and grow as leaders has prepared us all for the future ahead.

2: After graduation, I will be attending Nebraska Wesleyan University and upon enrollment in the fall, I will be inducted into the Huge Society. As of now, I plan to study mathematics with a long-term goal of working in a cyber intelligence field.

3: What really brought me out of my shell in high school was choosing to get as involved as I could as early as I could. While I would not recommend doing anything and everything, it is a great idea to join clubs or activities that interest you. This can help you come closer to career or future ideas, and it can be a way to make friends right away!

4: Missing out on many things I've looked forward to for the past years of my high school career has been very frustrating to me, but I appreciate everything our school is doing to honor us instead. It is times like this I love to call myself a Chadron Cardinal because I genuinely believe we are pretty lucky right now.

5: Thank you all so much for your continued support of us students, there are so many things community members have helped me achieve! So truly, thank you!

Blake Dodd

1: Winning subdistricts basketball by beating Sioux County and Cody-Kilgore, being Homecoming Queen, Volleyball and being President of National Honor Society

2: I was planning to go to Scottsbluff and take part in a summer internship program but due to Covid-19 it was cancelled. I will be attending Western Nebraska Community College and going into the Radiology Tech Program at Regional West Hospital.

3: Don’t procrastinate, get your work done. Enjoy high school while it lasts, it goes by fast. Take part in all the activities and sports you can it makes high school much better!

4: I wasn’t expecting my last day of high school to be the day it was. I was planning to have graduation and have all my family and friends here to celebrate with me. Unfortunately, this situation has caused many changes and made it more of a difficult experience.

Brooke Brady

1: Some of my absolute favorite memories from high school are really just being around my friends and joking around with everyone in my class.

2: After graduation I plan on attending WNCC for my associates degree in Social Sciences. 

3: High school goes by so fast, you never think that it does. You think that it will last forever but I just want to say to enjoy it while you can and try to make as many memories as possible.

4: This whole situation going on in the world right now is scary to say the least and it is very disheartening to plan for graduation for months or even years and look forward to it all through high school and then at the last minute it's canceled.

Alexis Konruff

1: Some of my fondest memories include the days when my class felt more like a family. When we were all there for one another and all joining in on a fun project.

2: I plan to go to South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in Rapid City, SD. I will pursue an education in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

3: To the incoming freshmen I would tell them that as important as school work is that it is also very important to enjoy all of the little things and participate in everything that they can.

4: COVID-19 has greatly affected the remainder of my senior year. Sadly I lost a lot of high school experiences that I was really looking forward to, such as Senior Skip Day, Prom, Scholastics Day, Graduation, etc. Though it is very sad to not experience those things I am given time to spend with my family which is of course very important especially when I am going off to college soon.

5: I know that this is a scary time for us all and that this virus has caused so much panic, but I hope everyone is able to remain calm and level-headed during this time. If we all follow the guidelines set forth for us then this will all be over soon enough. Though these are trying times, I hope everyone is able to hold onto hope and faith that everything will be okay.

Kylah Rudloff

1: Morava coming up with stupid phrases, like calling us turkeys or saying 'coculotar (calculator)' or 'do it’;. also cussing each other for stupid things was pretty cool.

2: I plan to go to Western Nebraska Community College to get my generals and some of my art credits, get my Associates degree, transfer to Chadron state College, get my Bachelors, and become an art teacher.

3: Don't be annoying, you're not as cool as you think, the friendships will break and new ones will form, but most important; DO NOT SETTLE OR PROCRASTINATE.

4: I have kind of been repressing the emotions about the whole 'missing the last 2 and a half months of senior year' but I’m sure it’ll hit me soon

5: I hope to have left a good impact on the community as i move on to this new chapter in my life, I will miss crawford (some parts) and wish my classmates the best of luck to them in the future.

Haeden Olson

1: The dress up day with my friends and golf practice.

2: Help at my family restaurant.

3: Get some good friends and always laugh.

4: I can't make more memories with my classmates and friends.

5: Thank you for all the help you did for my class and the school

Lane Frahm

1: Some of my fondest memories of high school would be all the friends I made.

2: After graduation I plan to attend The South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and study to become a computer scientist.

3: Some advice I would give to incoming freshmen would be to get good grades so you can get a lot of scholarships and do as many activities as you can.

4: My thoughts on COVID-19 is that it sucks it had to come and ruin my few remaining months with my classmates and stop our plans we had, but it is not like I will never see them again so it's not the end of the world.

5: Stay safe everyone! I'll see you in the history books.

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