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100 Women

The 100 Women of Chadron steering committee includes, from left, Senna Reeves, Kresi Long, Megan Schuckman, Lori Carnahan and Loni Watson, not pictured.

I had the privilege last week of being able to attend the kick-off session of 100 Women Who Care About Chadron.

The idea behind the newly-formed organization is simple: 100 women donating $100 each to create a $10,000 impact in Chadron. The group is led by steering committee members Kresi Long, Senna Reeves, Lori Carnahan, Megan Schuckman and Loni Watson.

The goal of the group is to make an impact in our community while keeping time and financial commitments to a minimum.

“We don’t want it to be anything someone shies away from because of time,” Long said during the organizational meeting. 100 Who Care is a national organization, one Long learned about three years ago. After her sister successfully started a chapter in Yankton, S.D., she decided it was time to get the ball rolling locally.

The driving force is to invigorate areas of need in our community, Schuckman said. “One hundred dollars doesn’t go very far. Ten thousand is a really impactful donation,” she said.

The group is looking for women to join the group, which requires nothing more than a $100 donation per year. Once the local chapter has reached a membership of 100 or more women, it will begin the selection process for a non-profit to receive the $10,000 donation.

Members of the group will be able to nominate local non-profit organizations for funding, and will vote on the selected project after an annual meeting at which up to 10 projects will be presented for consideration. Each member will write a check directly to the selected charity for $100 within five days of the meeting.

There is also a team option for women who would like to take part but can’t afford the $100. Women can form teams of up to four people and split the $100 commitment among the members. However, the team gets only one joint vote when it’s time to select a project.

The local chapter has set up a website at and a Facebook page under the name 100 Women of Chadron. Forms for enrolling in the organization and to nominate a project once you become a member are all available online.

The group is an excellent way to have a lasting impact in the community without adding to all of our packed schedules or relying on one or two individuals to do all of the hard work. With 100 or more women working together, non-profit projects in Chadron will benefit, and that in turn will benefit our own lives and those of future generations.

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“I’m super excited to work with you guys,” Watson said at the organizational meeting, adding that the endeavor will allow her and other members to learn more about non-profits and projects outside their direct sphere of influence.

My form is filled out and ready to be delivered to the steering committee, and I encourage other women in the community to learn more about the organization and consider joining as well. It’s a great way to help improve our local community.

“Tell your friends. Tell your family,” Long said last week.

Consider it done.

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