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Letter to the Editor: Disappointed in the story presented

Letter to the Editor: Disappointed in the story presented


Dear Editor,

I cannot overstate my disappointment at reading “Life with a positive COVID test” in the Sept. 9 paper. 

The premise of the story is great—give our community an inside look at what someone went through with COVID-19. That’s arguably valuable information when we’ve got plenty of local folks who still somehow think this deadly virus (194,000 U.S. deaths and rising) is a hoax.

What your readers got instead is a primer on not-so-anonymous “Susan’s” desperate need to clap back at those who pointed out that she has herself to blame for engaging in risky behavior that got her sick. Then to add insult to injury, your story allowed her a soapbox to spout facile opinions on masks and COVID immunity. This nonsense isn’t newsworthy, diminishes the value of this paper, and should go no further than “Susan’s” own Facebook posts. 

You’ve given a megaphone to someone who claims willfully courting a viral infection is a risk on par with driving a car. Choosing to take avoidable COVID risks isn’t like driving a car, it’s like driving drunk—just as likely to harm others as herself. 

“Susan” is misinformed, self-righteous, and delusional. She admits she took risks she knew were ill-advised, but states choosing to live without fear got her five or six months of life. 

Oddly enough, people who are mostly staying home, wearing masks at the grocery store, and not indulging in every foolish whim have also been alive for the past six months—they just haven’t been contracting and potentially spreading COVID-19.


Kevin Oleksy


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