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Six Chadron wrestlers pinned their opponents, Thursday, to help the Cardinals defeat Alliance 39-27 and deal the Bulldogs their first home dual loss since 2014.

“We told the kids going into it that it was going to come down to every match,” Chadron Head Coach Jamie Slingsby of the satisfying win against the rival Bulldogs. “I talked to the kids after they got done wrestling and told them, ‘not only did you beat (Alliance), you beat them on their own mat.”

The win brings the Cardinals to 3-1 in duals this season and propelled them from 14th place in the Class B dual standings to fifth. The loss moved the Bulldogs from fourth to 12th.

Pins by Paige Denke, at 106-pounds, and Tallon Craig, at 126-pounds, allowed the Cardinals to keep pace with Alliance early. Shortly thereafter a pin by Dalton Stewar,t at 132-pounds, and Cobie Bila, at 145-pounds, began to pull the group ahead, allowing the latter half of the lineup to anchor the win.

“(Stewart) getting a pin for us as a freshman was big,” Slingsby says.

The Cardinals secured the victory with three more wins from senior Jake Lemmon in a 7-2 decision at 160-pounds, and pins by fellow seniors Clark Riesen and Lance Cattin at 182 and 195-pounds respectively.

Following the win, their first of 2019, the group faced another challenge as they travelled to the annual Shane Shatto Memorial Tournament, in Douglas, this past weekend, where the team finished ninth in a field of 24 teams.

Chadron’s three top wrestlers Lemmon, Riesen and Cattin, were the only Cardinals to place at the tournament.

“I thought our upper classmen wrestled well,” Slingsby says. “Ozzy Fernau was one match away from placing and Jake (Lemmon), Clark (Riesen) and Lance (Cattin) led the way for us and that’s what we expect from our seniors. I told them we’re at a point in the season now where they’ve got enough matches under their belt, through last year and this season, where we’ve gotta start making our own march.”

Lemmon was the Cardinals’ top placer at the tournament finishing second after a 3-1 decision loss to Kelly Walsh’s Kevin Anderson at 160-pounds. Lemmon scored the first point of the match in period two with an escape, but Anderson earned three points in the third on a penalty and reversal to take the win.

“It was a close match,” Slingsby says, “we just got reversed at the end.”

Anderson was one of seven Kelly Walsh wrestlers to place in the top three of their weight class, helping earn the school first place at the tournament.

Both Riesen, at 182-pounds, and Cattin, at 195-pounds were pinned by their opponents in their semifinal bouts but earned their way back to the third-place matches in their class where they each earned wins by pinfall.

The Cardinals will dual with Ogallala in Ogallala, Friday before travelling to the Gothenburg Wrestling Invite, Saturday.

“This weekend we go to Gothenburg ,” Slingsby says of his team heading to another challenging meet, “and I told the guys we’ll find out what we’re made of with Gothenberg, Sidney, Holdredge, and Grand Island there.”

Chadron 39, Alliance 27

106: Paige Denke (CHAD) over Zane Stoike (ALLI) (Fall 3:36) 113: Ian Erickson (ALLI) over Eric Vahrenkamp (CHAD) (Fall 1:26) 120: Paul Ruff (ALLI) over Garrett Reece (CHAD) (Fall 2:40) 126: Tallon Craig (CHAD) over Jaxon Minnick (ALLI) (Fall 3:10) 132: Dalton Stewart (CHAD) over Wade Sanders (ALLI) (Fall 1:51) 138: Asa Johnson (ALLI) over Daniel Wellnitz (CHAD) (Dec 7-4) 145: Cobie Bila (CHAD) over Brady Ellis (ALLI) (Fall 1:20) 152: Philip Halstead (ALLI) over Sawyer Haag (CHAD) (Dec 4-1) 160: Jake Lemmon (CHAD) over Braydon Wilson (ALLI) (Dec 7-2) 170: Jayce Bauer (ALLI) over Ozzy Fernau (CHAD) (Dec 8-7) 182: Clark Riesen (CHAD) over Matthew Escamilla (ALLI) (Fall 3:33) 195: Lance Cattin (CHAD) over Jayden Bauer (ALLI) (Fall 4:30) 220: 285: Baily Hood (ALLI) over Isaiah Beye (CHAD) (Fall 1:20)

Shane Shatto Memorial Tournament Results

126 - Tallon Craig (Chadron) 12-7 received a bye; Craig (Chadron) 12-7 won by decision over Charlie Koss (Douglas) 5-8 (Dec 17-10); Noah Gallegos (Cheyenne East) 20-7 won by major decision over Craig (Chadron) 12-7 (MD 14-3); Bryson Vasquez (Cheyenne East) 2-2 won by major decision over Craig (Chadron) 12-7 (MD 14-4)

138 - Wellnitz (Chadron) 11-8 received a bye; Asa Johnson (Alliance) 9-6 won by tech fall over Wellnitz (Chadron) 11-8 (TF-1.5 5:11 (15-0); Wellnitz (Chadron) 11-8 won by decision over Pake Haun (Torrington) 5-8 (Dec 7-1); Johnathan Vroman (Central) 20-7 won in sudden victory - 1 over Wellnitz (Chadron) 11-8 (SV-1 4-2)

145 - Warren Carr (Thunder Basin) 16-1 pinned Zac Haug (Chadron) 3-11 (Fall 1:48); Haug (Chadron) 3-11 received a bye; Haug (Chadron) 3-11 pinned Cody Peirce (Torrington) 11-9 (Fall 4:28); Jeffery VanAntwerp (Thermopolis) 6-9 won by decision over Haug (Chadron) 3-11 (Dec 10-3)

145 - Cobie Bila (Chadron) 1-2 won by decision over Khody Snyder (Wheatland) 0-7 (Dec 12-6); Benson Avery (Campbell County) 8-3 pinned Bila (Chadron) 1-2 (Fall 4:35); Clay Reiner (Buffalo) 18-6 pinned Bila (Chadron) 1-2 (Fall 0:33)

152 - Jackson Hesford (Cheyenne East) 23-5 pinned Haag (Chadron) 6-8 (Fall 1:44); Haag (Chadron) 6-8 received a bye; Jarrod Dilly (Central) 5-6 won by decision over Haag (Chadron) 6-8 (Dec 6-4)

160 - Jake Lemmon (16-4) placed 2nd ; Lemmon (Chadron) 16-4 pinned Chandler Maddock (Thermopolis) 9-6 (Fall 1:19); Lemmon (Chadron) 16-4 pinned Devon Harrison (Campbell County) 5-11 (Fall 0:48); Lemmon (Chadron) 16-4 pinned Vincent Genatone (Natrona County) 10-12 (Fall 4:57); Lemmon (Chadron) 16-4 won by decision over Jacob Polkowske (Torrington) 20-3 (Dec 2-1); Kevin Anderson (Kelly Walsh) 16-4 won by decision over Lemmon (Chadron) 16-4 (Dec 3-1)

170 - Ozzy Fernau (Chadron) 4-10 received a bye; Fernau (Chadron) 4-10 pinned Jayce Bauer (Alliance) 7-6 (Fall 2:41); Boe Clayson (Burns) 16-4 pinned Fernau (Chadron) 4-10 (Fall 3:35); Fernau (Chadron) 4-10 won by decision over Kaden Gantenbein (Riverton) 12-9 (Dec 5-4); Nathan Lundberg (Central) 14-6 won by decision over Fernau (Chadron) 4-10 (Dec 5-4)

182 - Clark Riesen (15-2) placed 3rd;Riesen (Chadron) 15-2 received a bye; Riesen (Chadron) 15-2 pinned Bode Draper (Kelly Walsh) 6-3 (Fall 0:59); Riesen (Chadron) 15-2 pinned Andrew Gauthier (Central) 15-6 (Fall 0:27); Ian Arnold (Glenrock) 18-3 pinned Riesen (Chadron) 15-2 (Fall 2:54); Riesen (Chadron) 15-2 pinned Calvin Webb (Laramie) 9-7 (Fall 0:38); Riesen (Chadron) 15-2 pinned Dax Read (Douglas) 15-3 (Fall 0:20)

195 - Lance Cattin (15-3) placed 3rd; Cattin (Chadron) 15-3 received a bye; Cattin (Chadron) 15-3 received a bye; Cattin (Chadron) 15-3 pinned Jayden Bauer (Alliance) 4-5 (Fall 3:36); Pacen Gifford (Niobrara County) 10-2 pinned Cattin (Chadron) 15-3 (Fall 4:17); Cattin (Chadron) 15-3 pinned Brock Sather (Thunder Basin) 5-5 (Fall 3:52); Cattin (Chadron) 15-3 pinned Jack Smith (Castle View) 4-2 (Fall 2:14)

Chadron JV vs. Alliance JV

JV 126: Chayton Bynes (Chadron) over Kyler Thomas (Alliance) (Fall 0:35) JV 126: Luke Kahl (Chadron) over Kyler Thomas (Alliance) (Fall)0:43) JV 182: Henrik Saathoff (Alliance) over Garrett Ferguson (Chadron) (Fall 1:47)

2019 JV Shane Shatto Memorial Tournament Results for Chadron

JV 113- Landen Roberts (Natrona County) pinned Eric Vahrenkamp (Chadron) (Fall 1:12); Caden Thoman (Riverton) won in sudden victory - 1 over Vahrenkamp (Chadron) (SV-1 6-0)

JV 120- Reece (Chadron) pinned Chris Nighswonger (Kelly Walsh) (Fall 1:34); Lucas Hill (Campbell County) pinned Garrett Reece (Chadron) (Fall 1:45); Reece (Chadron) pinned Gavin Wickey (Cheyenne East) (Fall 0:36); Brian Mead (Cheyenne East) pinned Garrett Reece (Chadron) (Fall 2:58)

JV 126- Dalton Butler (Hulett) pinned Luke Kahl (Chadron) (Fall 0:38);Kahl (Chadron) received a bye; Kahl (Chadron) pinned Eddie Tokarczyk (Hulett) (Fall 1:45); Wade Sanders (Alliance) pinned Luke Kahl (Chadron) (Fall 0:39)

JV 126- Issac Price (Kelly Walsh) pinned Chayton Bynes (Chadron) (Fall 1:15); Bynes (Chadron) received a bye; Bynes (Chadron) pinned Kyler Thomas (Alliance) (Fall 1:36); Tyson Stephens (Campbell County) pinned Chayton Bynes (Chadron) (Fall 1:37)

JV 138- Kade Waggener's place is 1st; Waggener (Chadron) won by decision over Lance Roadifer (Cheyenne East) (Dec 0-0); Waggener (Chadron) pinned Shelton Balch (South) (Fall 3:01); Waggener (Chadron) pinned Hunter Henderson (Campbell County) (Fall 2:47); Waggener (Chadron) pinned Maththew Barrett (Natrona County) (Fall 3:24)

JV 138- Dalton Stewart (Chadron) won by decision over Rhett Stover (Riverton) (Dec 2-1);Stewart (Chadron) pinned Zach Cuthbert (South) (Fall 2:26); Maththew Barrett (Natrona County) pinned Stewart (Chadron) (Fall 0:36); Shelton Balch (South) won by decision over Stewart (Chadron) (Dec 7-3)

JV 220- Blake Walters (Riverton) pinned Garrett Ferguson (Chadron) (Fall 1:31); Ferguson (Chadron) received a bye; Dylan Skillings (Thunder Basin High School) pinned Ferguson (Chadron) (Fall 0:42)

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