The Gering girls and the Sidney boys won the team titles during the Western Conference Cross Country Meet in Chadron on Saturday morning.

Gering edged Chadron 25 to 33 points for its title. Sidney tallied 23 points and Gering 31 to lead the boys’ team standings.

The Scottsbluff girls and Mitchell boys placed third.

The girls’ individual winner was Scottsbluff junior Brooke Holzworth, whose time of 20 minutes, 53.17 seconds was 12 seconds faster than runner-up Madison Seiler, a Gering freshman, over the 5000- meter course.

Seiler’s teammates, senior Tukker Romey and sophomore Shailee Patton, were third and fourth while helping the Bulldogs to their team championship. The other member of the Gering foursome was senior Makenna Culek, who placed 14th.

The second place Chadron team was led by the No. 5 finisher, sophomore Mackenzie Butts. Three freshmen, twins Makinley and Michiah Fuller along with Emma Witte, placed ninth, tenth and 12th respectively, for the Cardinals.

In addition, senior Savanna Sayaloune, cited by coach Willie Uhing as the team leader, particularly in the weight room, was 14th for the Lady Cards, which are missing two more stalwarts, Aspen Graves and Leila Tewahade, because of injuries.

Senior Regan Hodsden and freshman Lilly Golden, both of Mitchell, were sixth and seventh. Due to injuries and illnesses, sophomore Lydia Peters was the only Sidney girl in the varsity race and finished eighth.

The Sidney boys were obviously much healthier while winning their conference crown. Benjamin Bashtovoi, the only senior to finish higher than 14th, and Cameron Brauer, a sophomore, led the Red Raiders to their title. Bashtovoi’s winning time of 18:21.63 was less than a half second faster than Brauer’s second place mark.

Two more sophomores, Mitch Deer and Daniel Bashtovoi, placed ninth and 11th while making up Sidney’s winning quartet.

Mitchell juniors Ashtyn Martin and Caden Knutson were third and fourth, just two seconds apart, followed by three Gering juniors--Peyton Seiler, Logan Andrews and Tyler Nagel. Gering’s fourth team member was another junior, Jack Franklin, who was 13th.

The top 10 was rounded out by junior Nathan Burch and sophomore Carter Ryan, both of Chadron, in eighth and tenth, respectively.

The team standings and top 20 finishers in both races follow:

Girls’ Results

Team Standings--1, Gering, 25; 2, Chadron, 33; 3, Scottsbluff, 41; 4, Mitchell, 47; 4, Alliance, 80.

Individual Standings--1, Brooke Holzworth, Scottsbluff, 20: 53.18; 2, Madison

Seiler, Gering, 21:05.08; 3, Tukker Romey, Gering, 21:15.86; 4, Shailee Patton, Gering, 21:17.52; 5, Mackenzie Butts, Chadron, 21:59.62; 6, Regan Hodsden, Mitchell, 22:29.38; 7, Lilly Golden, Mitchell, 22:40.63; 8, Lydia Peters, Sidney, 22:49.74; 9, Makinley Fuller, Chadron, 23:10.53; 10, Micaiah Fuller, Chadron, 23:15.74.

11, Kaylee Charbonneau, Scottsbluff, 24:25.55; 12, Emma Witte, Chadron, 24:34.96; 13, Maria Ayala, Scottsbluff, 24:50.60; 14, Savanna Sayaloune, Chadron, 24:51.59; 15, Mikayla Seabohm, Alliance, 24:59.46; 16, Grace Martin, Mitchell, 25:00.40; 17, MaKenna Culek, Gering, 25:10.46; 18, Kailee Webster, Chadron, 25:27.16; 19, Addie Wright, Scottsbluff, 25:29.77; 20, Ansley Hessler, Mitchell, 25:33.59.

Boys’ Results

Team Standing--1, Sidney, 23; 2, Gering, 31; 3, Mitchell, 41; 4, Chadron, 67; 5, Scottsbluff, 75; 6, Alliance, 107.

Individual Standings--1, Benjamin Bashtovoi, Sidney, 18:21.63; 2, Cameron Brauer, Sidney, 18:22.36; 3, Ashtyn Martin, Mitchell, 18:41.76; 4, Caden Knutson, Mitchell, 18:43.88; 5, Peyton Seiler, Gering, 18:52.41; 6, Logan Andrews, Gering, 18:53.78; 7, Tyler Nagel, Gering, 18:56.20; 8, Nathan Burch, Chadron, 19:10.67; 9, Mitch Deer, Sidney, 19:12.73; 10, Carter Ryan, Chadron, 19:18.70.

11, Dan Bashtovio, Sidney, 19:23.56; 12, Alec Garcia, Alliance, 19:23.86; 13, Jack Franklin, Gering, 19:29.12;  14, Kennedy Ronne, Scottsbluff, 19:31.69; 15, Easton Anderson, Mitchell, 19:32.47; 16, Treyson Johnstone, Sidney, 19:37.19; 17, Roberto Martinez, Gering, 19:47.99; 18, Ben Roberts, Scottsbluff, 19:52.60; 19, Josiah Anaya, Mitchell, 19:54.90; 20, Jacob Awiszus, Gering, 20:00.91.   

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