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1.0 Call to Order: The Board of Education of the Oelrichs School District 23-3 met in a regular session on September 11, 2017 in the school library. The meeting was called to order by President, Dave Osmotherly at 5:30 pm.

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call: Members present: T’Mara Twiss, Mandy Fleming, Dave Osmotherly, Dennis Quivey, and Vince Logue.

Others present: Dr. Mitch Stone, Principal Deana Castro, Rhonda Ortloff.

*All actions recorded in these minutes were by unanimous vote unless otherwise noted.

Approval of the Agenda with addition of section 3.3 Open Enrollment, Motion was made by Quivey and seconded by Fleming.

2.0 Administration and Board Reports: Castro explained to the board members what the REACH Program is and how it works. She discussed that is it provided every morning to students in 6-12th grade.

Also discussed that we have eight students in Pre-School and students are enjoying it with a very good teacher.

Dr. Stone mentioned he is meeting with the OST Tribal Education Department to discuss the Title I Grant application, since we have over 50% population of Native American Students the Tribe must agree to the grant.

There was much discussion regarding the mats that cover the gym floor. The gym floor costs $2,400 a year to refinish and the board members are concerned that students walking across the floor throughout the day are wearing it down. Discussed the mats being placed on the floor by the volleyball team in the evenings after practice. The mats will have to be taped down in order to not cause tripping hazards or move during the day.

3.2 Previous Meeting Reports: Reviewed August 7th and August 8th School Board Meeting minutes. Motion was made by Twiss and seconded by Logue to approve both minutes.

3.3 Open Enrollment: Twiss made a motion to approve the two high school students, seconded by Quivey.

4.0 Financials: Coy Sasse from Oglala Lakota County Schools and Deidre Budahl and Denetta Horan from Casey Peterson, CPA, submitted the year-end financial report to SDDOE by August 30th. The report was approved with only minor adjustments. Budahl and Horan also completed the 2016-17 closeout financials for the SIG and Title I grants.They are also preparing for the audit and are soliciting quotes for an auditor. Motion was made by Quivey and seconded by Fleming to approve the financials.

Fleming made a motion to approve the few Impress bills, Twiss seconded.

5.0 Personnel: Castro recommended Brittany Kneebone, as the new Reading Specialist and Heather Besco as the new Business Manager Assistant. Fleming made a motion to approve the recommendation, Quivey seconded.

6.0 Transportation: There was discussion regarding our need to purchase two short school busses so that we can transport athletes and student groups. There is no need for a driver to have a CDL in order to drive the vehicles. The two busses presented are both less than $15,000 each. Quivey made a motion to approve the purchase of two short busses with a budget of $30,000, Logue seconded. Members also requested administration to research the purchase of a 4WD vehicle and present it to the board at the next meeting.

7.0 State MOU: Dr. Stone presented a copy of the state MOU from Dr. Susie Roth. Motion was made by Twiss to approve the MOU, seconded by Quivey.

8.0 Attendance Policy: The second reading of the Attendance Policy was done.

There was discussion regarding using a system of makeup slips in order for students to get approval to miss school prior to an event. The slips can be purchased from Supreme School Supply. Castro stated she would look into this and determine if this is something that would benefit students and teachers.

Volleyball girls attending LNI the end of the month, and the need to provide funding for meals. Discussed K. Bauder contacting JOM to see if they would help provide meals for these athletes.

9.0 Adjournment : Motion was made by Fleming to adjourn at 6:51 pm, seconded by Quivey.

Attested to by

CEO/Superintendent Stone

and Principal Castro

Published once at the total approximate cost of $40.93.

Oct. 31

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