HOT SPRINGS – Hot Springs High School Principal Mary Weiss and HSHS Counselor Christ Christensen hosted the annual Awards Night at the Mueller Civic Center on Monday, May 1, where a number of honors and presentations took place following an ice cream social hosted by the HSHS Alumni Association and the induction ceremony by the National Honor Society.

Following is a listing of the awards presented, including scholarships for seniors headed for post-secondary education, cords for seniors graduating with honors, along with academic letter winners from all four high school grade levels.

Scholarship winners

Aaron Atchley – Alan Burg Memorial, $500.

Baxter Boldon – Chamber of Commerce Agri-Business Memorial Scholarship, $400; Leslie & Elizabeth W. Jensen Scholarship, $1,000.

Myca Cantrell – HSHS Industrial Arts Scholarship, $500; Eastern Wyo Col. - Livestock Judging, $2,500.

Larissa Halls – Technical Training Scholarship, $500; Adelaide M. Ward Scholarship, $300; NSU-Wolfpack Scholarship, $7,000.

Kali Hill – Hot Springs Rotary Grant, $1,000; American Legion Auxilary, $250; Brianna Bogner Mem. Medical, $250; Morningside - Founder/Talent/Nursing, $53,000.

Amber Hulse – Hot Springs Rotary Scholarship, $1,000; Clifford & Joyce Wilson Community Service, $500; Susanne Jett Davies Music, $500; Dorothy C. Schieffer “Poli Sci” Scholarship & Joe Foss “American Hero” Scholarship, full ride equivalent.

Sarah Lane – Jack & Margaret Manke Memorial, 4-H, $400; Marvin & June Wilkinson Mem., $200; Dave Eldridge, M.D. Mem., $150, Mavis Erwin Mem., $50, 4-H, $400; American Legion Auxilary, $250; HS Bison Club Booster, $500; Post Prom Scholarship, $500; Darlene Hagedorn Scholarship Fund, $600; Pepsi Cola Scholarship, $500; USD - Coyote Commitment Leadership, $8,000.

Caden Maciejewski – HS Bison Club Booster, $500; HSHS Industrial Arts Scholarship, $500.

Makenzie McNemar, HSEA Scholarship, $300; U of Neb. Kearney, $28,168.

Trey Nachtigall – HS Bison Club Booster, $500; National Wild Turkey Federation John & Bonnie Rock, $1,000.

Adam Nelson – Hot Springs Kiwanis Scholarship, $500; Black Hills Federal Credit Union, $2,000; HSHS Alumni Association Prestigious Scholarship, $1,500; Marvin Wilkinson Outstanding Science Award, $1,400; Warren Glover Memorial Scholarship, $1,000; University of Colorado Boulder Presidential, $55,000.

Rylee Olstad – Golden West, $1,000.

Samantha Pucket – Hot Springs Kiwanis Scholarship, $500; HSEA Jeannie Rail Scholarship, $500; June Wilkinson Outstanding Music Award, $1,400.

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Ty Pulscher – Post Prom Scholarship, $500.

Gillian Roda – HS Alumni Teaching Scholarship, $500; 1st Interstate Bank Scholarship, $1,000;

Kole Vollmer – Hot Springs Kiwanis Scholarship, $500; H.R. Woodward Science, $500; SDSM&T Outstanding Academic Achievement Certificate; Daktonics Academic All State Team Medal.

Sara Waldner – Richard Willard Memorial Scholarship, $1,000; American Legion Auxilary, $250; Bill & Mary Fischer Scholarship, $1,000.

Morgan Wilson – NSU - Dean’s & Theatre, $2,900.

Academic Letterwinners

Students are eligible to letter in academics yearly. Grade point averages are based on semesters. A 3.8 grade point average is considered as the cut off. No grade can be lower than a “C”. Students must be enrolled in the four core areas during the time period in question (math, science, language arts, social studies). Students must not be in violation of the attendance policy.

FIRST YEAR – Abrianna Baca, Brand Baker, Alex Bilbruck, Madgelene Jamieson, Thomas Massa, Abigail McHargue, Shelby Nellen, Lyanne Pineda, Shelby Roda, Golden Saucerman, Tierra Schroeder, Kennedy Seaman, Steven Wingler.

SECOND YEAR – Josie Bogner, Serenity Engel, Bayley Ferebee, Mary Lane, Thane Lockhart, Diamond Miller, Malory Oster, Madilyn Palo, Ashley Seegrist, Hayley Seegrist, Kaylen Stearns, Aspen Stover, Alyssa Wingler.

THIRD YEAR – Nile Frasier, Charity Britain, Larissa Halls, Oliver Juhl, Sarah Lane, Makenzie McNemar.

FOURTH YEAR – Kali Hill, Amber Hulse, Adam Nelson, Rylee Olstad, Kole Vollmer

Graduating with Honors

DOUBLE CORDS (top two in class) – Adam Nelson and Sarah Lane

SINGLE CORDS with 4.0 or higher GPA – Kali Hill, Amber Hulse, Rylee Olstad, Kole Vollmer, Gillian Roda, Baxter Boldon

SINGLE CORDS with 3.5-3.9 GPA – Samantha Pucket, Ty Pulscher, Makenzie McNemar, Larissa Halls, Abigail McHargue, Skyler Haden, Nile Frasier, Aaron Atchley, Alexis Rhew, Trey Nachtigall, Morgan Wilson.

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