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Candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, Tim Bjorkman, spoke at the Brookside Apartments Wednesday, September 26.  

HOT SPRINGS- The Fall River County Democrats hosted a meet and greet potluck Wednesday, September 26 at the Brookside Apartments. Candidates for local, regional and state office were present to introduce themselves and stump. 

Democratic nominee for the United States House of Representatives, Tim Bjorkman, was the evening's main speaker, but before he gave his campaign speech, other candidates gave theirs. 

Tom Cool, candidate for Sate Auditor was up first, promising to be the citizens' watch-dog if elected. 

Next up was Wayne Frederick who is running for Public Utilities Commission. He promised, if elected, to be an advocate for landowner's rights and to make sure energy development in South Dakota benefits South Dakotans. 

The following was democratic candidate for Secretary of State Alexandra Fredrick who spoke to her intention of opening up the voting process more. Wayne and Alexandra are married to each other and from Winner, South Dakota. 

Two candidates for South Dakota District 30 House of Representatives, were present. Both Karen McGregor and Whitney Raver.

Finally, congressional candidate Tim Bjorkman Spoke. Bjorkman highlighted the grassroots and citizen government qualities of his campaign: he doesn't accept money from PACs or his national party, he advocated for term limits and highlighted the effort his campaign has made to stop and talk to people in smaller communities across the state. 

Bjorkman said not taking PAC money or money from the National Democratic Party allows him to work across the aisle on issues because he doesn't owe those interests, "we need people who aren't bought and payed for."

The retired judge said he is pro-second amendment, and views himself as a reform candidate. 

Bjorkman mentioned the VA in Hot Springs, saying he knows, "war doesn't stop when you get home," because of the experience he's had with his own sons returning from service. He promised to advocate for Hot Springs' VA if elected. 

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