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To the Editor:

South Dakota taxes on recovered uranium are 4.5 percent. North Dakota taxes on oil and gas are 11.5 percent. Why are we so cheap?

Unquestionably, the governor of South Dakota is the one person who will approve or disapprove of the Powertech mine. He cannot leave this decision to experts. He IS the elected boss. If the mine is approved, I will vote against the governor and campaign for his opponent. This mining would never be approved in eastern S.D.

Reverse osmosis produces a large volume of fairly pure water and a lesser volume of concentrated wastewater. Thus, for 1 million gallons of wastewater, perhaps 900,000 gallons of fairly clean water is produced and 100,000 gallons of wastewater that is 10 times more contaminated than the original wastewater.

Predictably, the fairly pure water will be used by Powertech for processing and the 10 times more polluted water will be injected into an aquifer.

Contaminated solutions used to remove the uranium from the ion exchange beads will likely be injected into an aquifer.

Once concentrated, contaminated wastewater is injected into an aquifer, water from the area of contamination can never be used and this contaminated area will spread and enlarge. Future oil and gas wells will follow the leader – Powertech – and aquifer contamination will spread throughout southwestern South Dakota.

Clean water and air are the most valuable resources on earth. Humans cannot drink – or breathe – uranium, oil or gas.

Dr. Thomas H. Cook

Hot Springs

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