For the second time in less than a month, the Hot Spring’s gymnasts travelled to Stanley County and came away with a team win.

Saturday’s win marks their fifth time atop the podium, and the Bison look poised to continue their consistent success throughout the 2018 portion of their season.

The Bison scored a total of 131.5 points at the Hula Luau in Stanley, edging Wagner-Bon Homme for the second consecutive meet, this time by over one-and-a-half points.

Rounding out the standings was Chamberlain in third place with 128.95 points, Parkston-Ethan-Han with 127.8, Wall-Kadoka-Philip with 118.4, and host team Stanley County with 47.6

Hot Springs’ win was bolstered by consistently good performances by Bison junior Tierra Schroeder who placed top three in each event, and finished second only to Wagner-Bon Homme’s Emily Duffek who once again took all-around honors.

Schroeder placed third on the uneven parallel bars (8.35), third on the balance beam (8.70), third on the floor (8.85), and second in vault (9.15). Her all-around score of 35.05 trailed Duffek by just eight-tenths of a point.

Seniors Josie Haden and Diamond Miller also had good performances for the Bison.

Miller placed in the top ten in all but the bars where she placed eleventh. Her all-around score of 32.750 was good enough for seventh place.

Haden placed tenth on the balance beam (7.85), and sixth on the floor (8.45).

The Bison gymnasts will compete in Madison this week with the junior varsity competing Friday, and the varsity competing Saturday.

2018 Stanley Hula Luau Results (top ten only)

Team Scores

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Hot Springs 131.50, Wagner-Bon Homme 129.90, Chamberlain 128.95, Parkston-Ethan-Han 127.8, Wall-Kadoka-Philip 118.4, Stanley County 47.6


Tyra Zens, Parkston-Ethan-Hanson 8.55; McKenzie Prunty, Parkston-Ethan-Hanson 8.40; Tierra Schroeder, Hot Springs 8.35; Ciara Hough, Chamberlain 8.10; Emily Duffek, Wagner-Bon Homme 8.1; AnnaBelleMcIlravy, Wall-Kadoka-Philip 7.90; Mikayden Weston, Chamberlain 7.85; Kazney Knippling, Chamberlain 7.75; Allison Hough, Chamberlain 7.65; Joanna Soukup, Wagner-Bon Homme 7.55


Emily Duffek, Wagner-Bon Homme 9.15; Tyra Zens, Parkston-Ethan-Hanson 8.90; Tierra Schroeder, Hot Springs 8.70; Abby Moon, Wall-Kadoka-Philip 8.25; Diamond Miller, Hot Springs 8.20; Joanna Soukup, Wagner-Bon Homme 8.20; Jaylen Nachtigall, Hot Springs 8.15; Alcista Dion, Wagner-Bon Homme 8.00; McKenzie Prunty, Parkston-Ethan-Hanson 7.9; Josie Haden, Hot Springs 7.85; Mikayden Weston, Chamberlain 7.85


Emily Duffek, Wagner-Bon Homme 9.5; McKenzi Prunty Parkston-Ethan-Hanson 9.05; Tierra Schroeder, Hot Springs 8.85; Mikayden Weston, Chamberlain 8.70; Allison Hough, Chamberlain 8.50; Josie Haden, Hot Springs 8.45, Ciara Hough, Chamberlain 8.30; Diamond Miller, Hot Springs 8.30, Tyra Zens, Parkston-Ethan-Hanson 8.25; AnnaBelle McIlravy, Wall-Kadoka-Philip 8.10; Joanna Soukup, Wagner-Bon Homme 8.10


Tyra Zens, Parkston-Ethan-Hanson 9.30; Tierra Schroeder, Hot Springs 9.15; Ciara Hough, Chamberlain 9.10; Emily Duffek, Wagner-Bon Homme 9.10; Joanna Soukup, Wagner-Bon Homme 9.00; Abby Moon, Wall-Kadoka-Philip 8.95; Mikayden Weston, Chamberlain 8.90; McKenzie Prunty, Parkston-Ethan-Hanson 8.85; Diamond Miller, Hot Springs 8.80; AnnaBelle McIlravy, Wall-Kadoka-Philip 8.55; Jaya Kurtenbach, Parkston-Ethan-Hanson 8.55; Kenna Konfrst, Parker-Ethan-Hanson 8.55

All Around

Emily Duffek, Wagner-Bon Homme 35.85; Tierra Schroeder, Hot Springs 35.05; Tyra Zens, Parkston-Ethan-Hanson 35.00; McKenzie Prunty, Parkson-Ethan-Hanson 34.20; Mikayden Weston, Chamberlain 33.30; Joanna Soukup, Wagner-Bon Homme 32.85; Diamond Miller, Hot Springs 32.75; Ciara Hough, Chamberlain 32.60; Abby Moon, Wall-Kadoka-Philip 32.20; AnnaBelle McIlravy, Wall-Kadoka-Philip 31.95

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