LEAD | It has been a long winter, and John Scheetz, environmental manager at Sanford Lab, has an excellent cure.

"What better way to celebrate the cold winter months coming to a close than by enjoying the sunshine, exercising and exploring the Black Hills?”

Scheetz, an avid bicyclist, recommends cycling those winter blues away.

Need some additional motivation? According to the National Safety Council (NSC), “Bicycling is one of the best ways to get exercise, see the sights and reduce your carbon footprint.”

That’s why, during National Bike Safety Month, the NSC is encouraging workers nationwide to bike to work or spend time bicycling after hours.

While promoting this activity, the NSC also acknowledges that bicyclists face hazards on the road. To promote bicycling at Sanford Underground Research Facility (Sanford Lab) this month, we’ve listed resources to help you ride safely, as well as some site-specific tips to help employees bicycling to Sanford Lab.

Check your equipment

• The seat should be adjusted to the proper height and locked in place

• Make certain all parts are secure and working properly

• Check that the tires are inflated properly

• Make sure the bike is equipped with reflectors on the rear, front, pedals and spokes

• A horn or bell, a rear-view mirror and a bright headlight also are recommended

Wear Personal Protective Equipment

• Helmets appropriate for bicycling should be worn by everyone — adults and children — on every bike ride regardless of length of the ride. Make certain the helmet is certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and is properly fitted to your head according to these guidelines from NHTSA

• Wear neon, fluorescent or other bright clothing

• Whenever possible, ride during the day

• If you must ride at night, wear reflective clothing and use flashing lights

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Follow the rules of the road

• Get acquainted with traffic laws; bicyclists must follow the same rules as motorists

• Ride single-file in the direction of traffic

• Remain alert, keep your head up and look around; watch for opening car doors and other hazards

• Use hand signals when turning and use extra care at intersections

• Never hitch onto cars

• Before entering traffic, stop and look left, right, left again and over your shoulder

Bicycling at Sanford Lab

Bicycling to work is a great way to stay active and to reduce carbon emissions. Sanford Lab encourages employees to bike to work, if able. For employees who live a bit too far to make the entire trek, consider using a bike rack to take your wheels with you. This allows you to split the carbon emissions — driving part-way and bicycling the rest — or hit the local trails during your lunch break for some midday physical activity.

All the information above — including checking your equipment, wearing proper PPE and following the rules of the road — apply to employees bicycling to work at Sanford Lab. Here is some additional information to keep employees safe while bicycling onsite:

• On Sanford Lab property, bicyclers have the same safe locations as a vehicle; due to construction activities, however, bicyclers are not allowed to ride past the Ross Gate

• Bicyclists should follow the same posted regulations as vehicles (including speed limits)

• In addition to bicycling PPE, employees should observe required additional PPE for specific locations such as the Ross and Yates Yards

• Once bicyclers arrive at the Ross or Yates Yards, they should walk their bikes to their final destination

• Two bike racks will soon be provided for employee use at the Ross and Yates surface campuses

• For information on bicycling trails near Lead, visit Map My Ride’s website

For more information on bicycling at Sanford Lab, contact Larry Jaudon, Environment, Safety and Health director at Sanford Lab at ljaudon@sanfordlab.org.

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