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Oct. 1, 1908

Jesse Lampman, a Lodge Pole farmer, has some of the largest corn we have ever seen, some of the ears being 15” long. As this has been an exceptional dry year there is no reason why we should not raise good corn every year.

A change was made this week in Belle Fourche in the management of the Pearson Opera House, R.L. Bronson purchasing Jay O’Bannion’s interest. The first show to be given by the new management was “The Girl and the Gawk”.

Oct. 3, 1918

S.C. Berry, County Surveyor was down from Belle Fourche on official business Monday. Mr. Berry struck Newell at a time when the entire town was out of gasoline but managed to find about enough to get him as far as Nisland. The fierce mud of these bright fall days sure smokes out a large supply of gasoline before a man can realize that he has started anywhere.

Oct. 4, 1928

Construction of a new Chicago & Northwestern Railway’s roundhouse to replace the one which was destroyed by fire last June has begun in Deadwood. Immediate work will proceed on a two-stall building, to be completed within a couple of weeks. Machine shops and additional stalls will be built later.

John Lockwood and Louis Lake, while out horse back riding they sighted a full grown coyote and gave chase. They chased the animal for a mile and finally got close enough so that one of them roped the animal. They then hog-tied it and carried it home alive. It is chained at the Lockwood home, so anyone doubting the skill of the boys as ropers can see it. The boys had quite a tussle with the full-grown coyote.

Oct. 6, 1938

Maurice and Harry Townsend, while out duck hunting last Sunday, flushed a stolen car which had been wrecked in a ditch near the Wm Schmele ranch. It proved to be Hans Sorenson’s Pontiac which was stolen from in front of his home near Nisland on Saturday evening.

The local development company has received its charter as a state corporation under the title of the Two-top Gas & Gas Co of Newell with a capital stock of $25,000. Adolph O. Amunson is President, M.J. O’Brien Secretary and A.C. Erickson Treasurer with B.E. Goff and V.B. Francis Board of Directors. Another attempt is being made to clean out the hole and determine the extent of the gas and oil showing encountered at the 1,100-foot depth.

Sept. 30, 1948

Plans for a shooting contest to be held in this territory Sunday, Oct. 10, with pheasants, chicken hawks, crows and magpies as the game, were completed Tuesday evening at a meeting of Ross-Kayras Post of the American Legion. Participants will secure so many points for each of the different birds shot. Fred Gardner and Paul Seja were named team captains for the event. Losers would foot the bill for a feed to be held at which winners and guests will enjoy a main course of pheasant.

Frank A. Gammon, 83 pioneer resident of Butte County, passed away as a result of an automobile accident at the Belle Fourche hospital Monday morning. Gammon was one of the first residents of Belle Fourche as a carpenter, helped move many of the buildings from Minnesela to the new town. He also served as a county road & bridge contractor for many years.

Oct. 2, 1958

Mrs. Vern Hafner and son Eddie returned home Saturday evening from Minneapolis, where Eddie underwent heart surgery. He is doing fine, but will have to remain at home three weeks before returning to his school studies.

The Vale Altar Society met Friday evening at the home of Mrs. Matilda Nedella with eight members present. Discussion and plans were made for the annual bazaar to be held with St. Mary’s October 25 in Newell. After prayer, the remainder of the evening was spent visiting, after which lunch was served.

Oct. 5, 1967

Mr. & Mrs. Sam Bober were honored here Tuesday evening at the Annual Community Club Teachers Reception banquet held at St. Mary’s Church hall. Sam and Rose were presented a gift of appreciation for their outstanding 52-years of service in the Newell Community. More that 100 people attended making it the largest turnout at any regular Community Club meeting. Mrs. Cynthia Johansson, President em ceed the program, making introductions and presentations.

The Opal School divided into three school classrooms Monday morning, Miss Cunningham now has the 1st, 2nd and 3rd ; Mrs. Pat Miller the 4th and 5th and Mrs. Addie Peak the 6th, 7th and 8th. There are 43 pupils in the Opal school this year.

Oct. 4, 1978

An Open House and dedication of the new parsonage of the Nisland Church was held Sunday. The dedication ceremony was held at 2:30 PM. Pastor Craig Norwood and family moved into the new house nearly a month ago, although there are a few things to be finished in the building. More than half of the needed building funds have been contributed, as well as many hours of valuable labor.

Newell Fire Department’s Second Annual Auction was held Sunday at Newell City Park was termed a success by firemen. Some $2000 was raised for the proposed new hall. Tri-State Auction Service cried the sale, Art Olilla donated and barbequed a pig. Of 220 buns only 3 were left and very little pork. Examples of donated items sold; an antique crank-type cabinet Edison phonograph brought $200, 2 pick-up loads of split fire wood at $30 each and 2 muttons sold for $30 each.

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