Sept. 18, 1909

Several of the Vale sportsmen have been out duck shooting since Friday, but on account of the warm weather there are not many ducks in the country.

Messrs. Schneider and Woodard of the Wolf Butte Flats were in for a load of lumber Monday morning. Mr. Siler, who has a large ranch out near Jewetts’, was also in Vale Monday for a load of lumber.

Sept. 11, 1919

Arrangements have been made through Secretary Hartwell and Lieut. Stephenson of Ft. Pierre for another day of the flying machine at Newell on September 27, stating that there will be 2 machines here on the 27th all day and passenger flights already being booked.

O. Anderson has had a telephone installed at his home and any young ladies who wish to talk to him are encouraged to do so.

Sept. 12, 1929

Supervisors for the 1930 census and their Districts announced today by the Census Bureau included Charles M. Caton, Rapid City for Butte, Custer, Fall River, Harding, Lawrence, Perkins, Meade, Pennington, Shannon and Washington Counties with headquarters in Rapid City.

A heavy frost visited on September 7, 8, 9 and 10th and we’ll just have to talk with the Weather Man! Up until 3 years ago he had some respect for the month of September, but this year put one over a little too early to suit folks, making tomatoes and cucumbers vines look pretty black. It seemed too bad as cukes were bearing their very best. Apples, plums and corn have not been harmed.

Sept. 14, 1939

A map showing the two Dakotas, Montana and Washington probably will be the design of the stamp commemorating those states’ 50th Anniversary of admission to the union. The 4-state commemorative will be 3 cents’ value printed in purple. Post Office officials said 65-75 million will be printed. Post Office artists have completed such a design, but approval will be will withheld.

Mrs. Clara Geers had a tonsil operation Monday of last week by Dr. Sherman of Sturgis. The patient became quite ill immediately following the procedure, but is reported improving at this writing.

The Girls Scouts enjoyed an early morning “breakfast-bird” hike at 6 o’clock Saturday morning. All girls between the ages of 10 to 18 who are interested in Scout work are urged to come to the next meeting which will be held at the Newell School house at 7:00 PM September 14.

Sept. 8, 1949

The SD Game, Fish & Parks Commission will accept Bids for the removal of rough fish from Orman Dam, Butte County. Commissioner Petersen said Bids will be on a percentage of gross receipts and will be taken at 2: 00 PM at Codington County Court House. All people interested in contracts for rough fish removal are to contact Harold Horrigan, Supt. of Fisheries, Woonsocket.

US Department of Agriculture and the CCC may have fresh Irish potatoes available for livestock feed, it was announced this week by Mark Nelson, contacting Officer for the Department. The potatoes, available at from 5 cents to 25 cents per cwt, will have been acquired under the Irish Potato Price Support Program and applications for same may be made through Butte County AAA. Potatoes for livestock feed will be sold according to terms and conditions as set out by the department.

Sept. 1959

The thermometer soared to 104 degrees here Tuesday, highest reading on record this late in the season, according to Joe Bonnemann, observer at the US Experiment Farm Station. It also was the second highest reading for September, being topped only by a temperature recorded on September, 1908.

Persons wishing to obtain Black Hills cabin sites on National Park land must wait until a survey of public recreation needs is completed. National Forest lands through-out the country is now being studied to determine public recreation requirements up to the year 2000. Cabin site purchases should be handled through private owners. The Forest Service will assist prospective buyers in determining land ownership. Thousands of acres of private land are available within the Black Hills National Forest.

Sept. 12, 1979

Newell’s Mayor Joe Valandra, would like a student to be placed on the City Council, although he/she would not have voting powers. A student on the Council could help other members know what the opinion of students was, while the student could learn something about City Government. Valendra has worked with youth and feels they are underestimated and are eager and willing to help.

The farm sale for Vernon and Lillie Holst, September 1 was well attended; Vale Lutheran ladies served lunches. The Holst’s have purchased a house in Newell and have moved into town. The new owners of the Holst farm are Mr. & Mrs. Charles Fields, formerly of Eagle Butte. Mrs. Trula Fields is the new Elementary Principal for Newell School. Fields attended Northern State College for her Bachelor of Science Degree, Black Hills State College for her Masters, University of Maryland Special Guidance Classes and College in Missouri for Special Reading Causes.

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