Sept. 9, 1909

King & Ash, proprietors of the “Bugalo Saloon”, opened up their place of business in Sturgis in the new Schummer Building on Wednesday. Both parties are well known and popular and will no doubt they will get their share of the business.

W.S. McLain of the US Land Office at Belle Fourche recently made the statement that his office would confirm to the letter of the law and would hold no special favors for anybody. Some of the worst trouble comes from the unmarried locators, who believe that because they are unmarried they are sort of an exemption to the law. Everyone filing on a claim must stay the required time and they are not excused by sickness or anything else. If time is lost it must be made up.

Sept. 4, 1919

Our long time Superintendent G.A. Fry expects to leave the later part of the week for New Underwood, where he has accepted a position as Principal of the City Schools. Mr. Fry’s many friends wish him all kind of success in his new field.

A.E. Richards’s new player piano was put on working order the first pf the week and certainly is a fine instrument. It is one of the latest models with automatic roll changer, which plays 36 different selections without change. It is electrically operated.

Sept. 5, 1929

The 2 race horses which strayed from the Faith Fair Grounds just before the fair opened, were found near the Finger Ranch, miles east of Newell Saturday. These steppers belonged to B.C. Douglas of Spearfish and were taken to Faith with other racers from his barns to take part in the racing program. But by some unexplainable reason they were released from the stables and their whereabouts could not be learned until the Fair closed. They were fast animals and it is supposed that the trick might have been turned to eliminate them from the races. Their sudden appearance after the Fair would further evidence that this might have been the case. Mr. Douglas went to Faith on Monday and took the horses back to Spearfish.

Newell is especially fortunate this year in the fine crop of teachers which the School Board has selected. Not all the old ones are back, but we are sure the new ones will fill their places with credit to themselves and the community and we want to take this occasion to welcome them and assure them of our support. The teachers who formerly taught here include Agnes Stordahl, Florence Jones, Marcella Gilbertson and Josephine Sanders all who will be teaching in Rapid City this season.

Sept. 7, 1939

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A new modern coffee grinder, 1939 type and the equivalent of the best factory grinder was installed in the Corner Store, to meet an increasing demand on the part of coffee users for fresh ground coffee. The new unit, electrically operated, will permit grinding in 5 different sizes to give best results to users. It has been explained that more coffee grinders have been sold this year to stores than for many years, thus resulting from returning trend to the buying of whole bean coffee.

This is a good time of the year to rid the henhouse of mites by whitewashing the interior. Whitewashing may be easily and inexpensively made at home. To make whitewash, slack 7½ lbs of quick lime by mixing it with approximately 3½ pints of water and 15 oz. of Creosol. Stir the mixture thoroughly and strain through a wire sieve. Add enough water to make 5 gallons of whitewash. This mixture can be sprayed and should be used while it is fresh.

Sept. 1, 1949

A big brook trout estimated at around 5 pounds, which had been defying anglers in a pool along Rapid Creek near Pactola for some time, met his equal Saturday. He was caught by N.M. Bratton, local merchant, who had tried to lure him out of the haunts several times. It was caught near their cabin, using a frog. Expert fisherman reports fishing has not been exactly good this year, but what you do catch takes a lot of patience.

Entries of more than 100 registered stud rams by leading sheep breeders in MN, WY, ND and SD have been received for the 4th Annual Western Ram Show & Sale, announced this week by Harry F. Weakley. The show will be held at the US Experiment Farm at Newell Friday and Saturday, September 16-17, with cash prizes totaling $450 to be awarded the best rams in 4 breeds: Columbia, Corriedale, Rambouillet and Hampshire. The event is sponsored by the Newell Community Club in cooperation with businesses of the area.

Sept. 3, 1959

The water level on Orman Dam is expected to reach dead storage or “zero out” the end of the irrigation season this week, Belle Fourche Irrigation District Manager Vic Norlin reports. The flow in the North Canal was increased Monday when District employees dug down grades to increase flow to the main body of water, the flow in the South Canal is then expected to “zero” in about 3 days. It makes one of the earliest dates in history that the water supply has come to an end; it is not the only one. The dam “zeroed” in Oct. 1928; Oct.1930; Sept. 1939; Aug 1931 and practically zeroed 1956.

Sept. 5, 1979

Airman 1st Class Ronald G. Dell, son of Anna Dell, Nisland, recently participated in Global Shield 79, an Air Force exercise conducted by the Strategic Air Command with Air Force Communications Service Unit at Grand Forks Air Force Base. Global Shield 79, which involved bombers, tanks, missiles and reconnaissance forces and associated Air force Reserve Units, was the largest and most comprehensive test of SAC forces in more than 20 years.

Mr. & Mrs. Geigle, Sturgis, were getting sweet corn from the Gary Phillipson’s corn patch south of Vale along with their Chihuahua pup Penny. The little dog was lost from his owners and they looked and looked for her with no success, so heart sick they returned home. The Heitz children found the frightened and weary dog, 3/4 mile from the Phillipson’s corn field. Mrs. Heitz called the Valley Irrigator to place an ad in the Lost & Found and in the meantime the Geigles called the KBHB Radio Station to announce their lost dog. Mrs. Heitz happened to have the radio on and through the miracle of radio and telephone, Penny and her masters were reunited.

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