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Then 'n Now

Then 'n Now

Dec. 24, 1908

Wm. Holst and Fred Mix last week installed a large windmill on the ranch of E. A. Ritter; the pump is working fine and furnishes water for over 150 head of livestock.

Station Elm is again to have a road ranch. Charles Lath, a few years ago made an application for a homestead where big road crosses the Elms. He has begin erecting a dwelling; barns etc and is ready to accommodate the public. Years ago when the Bismarck Trail was the only highway to the Hills, the stage stand was maintained on the fork of Elm Creek known as Station Elm. After the Railroad came and the trail was no longer used, the ranch was abandoned.

Dec. 26, 1918

Grover C. Rogers, son of Dr. A.H. Rogers arrived Sunday from Seattle, where he has been employed helping to turn out ships to Uncle Sam. This is the first time that Grover has seen any of the family since their departure from Washington over 10 years ago and it goes without saying that his homecoming was a rather joyous occasion.

Tommy Brown has put down new floor planks on the bridge crossing the Belle Fourche River, making it sturdy and as good as new.

Dec. 27, 1928

Establishment of a permanent summer white house in the National Forest of South Dakota was proposed in a bill introduced by Representative Williamson of South Dakota. The measure for a summer white house commission, consisting of the President, two Senators and three Representatives, to consider the location of the residence. The Bill also calls for an appropriation of $300,000.

Well, 1929 is waiting out on the siding, all oiled and polished, with full steam up, just waiting the signal to hook on and haul us through another year. But before the new engineer opens the throttle we just want to say that we hope the journey will be a most happy one for everyone concerned. Not even a cinder in your eye the whole trip.

Dec. 29, 1938

Under the new enrollment for CCC boys, the enrollees accepted will receive $18 a month in cash and $22 will be sent home, instead of $5 cash and $25 sent home as heretofore. This gives the boys about $2 a week spending money.

Miss Alice Schell and her pupils at the Winkler School gave a nice Christmas program and then Santa arrived to distribute the candy and presents. A delicious lunch was served by the parents at the close of the evening.

Dec. 23, 1948

PFC Clarence S. Mills of Nelson, Wisconsin, who is stationed at the Rapid Air Base has been assigned to duty at the Bombing Range east of Newell, was a holiday guest at the Kirk Malcolm home. Other guests were Mr. & Mrs. George Malcolm and son of Sturgis, who was home for the holidays from Boulder, Colo.

The need for the West River Crippled Children & Polio Hospital as proposed for Hot Springs was cited by Congressman Francis Case as Keynote speaker Sunday at a meeting in Rapid City of more than 200 workers in the hospital drive. Scores of speakers representing civic and medical organizations who urged the workers to increase efforts to seek contributions to the proposed $350,000 hospital to be built at Hot Springs.

Dec. 25, 1958

A thief or thieves made off with $40 in cash, quantity of cigarette lighters, a ladies electric shaver and about 14 different kinds of narcotics in a break in at the Price & Son Drug, Newell some time Sunday night. Entry was gained through the back door by drilling a dozen small holes adjacent to the lock, so the burglars could reach through and unlock it and remove a bar from the inside.

Dec. 28, 1967

The annual winter survey of ducks, geese and eagles, a cooperative venture of the G.F. & P and the US Fish & Wildlife Service, will be conducted from January 8 through January 12 on a state-wide basis. Game biologists and game wardens, with assistance of Fish & Wildlife Service Game Management agents and refuge personnel will conduct the survey.

Mothers of the children at Barker School were invited to a Christmas party Friday morning. Teachers Mrs. Selma Nelson in lower grades and Mrs. Margaret Scott, upper grades served refreshments of kool-aid, coffee and cookies. The children exchanged gifts and presented their mothers with a gift they had made. The teachers received many nice gifts too. Mrs. Scott was down with the flu Wednesday and Thursday, so Peggy Gerkin substituted.

Dec. 27, 1978

Vernon Holst, Vale was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from the SD Historical Society, by Cushman Clark, Deadwood, Vice President of the state society. This was in honor of Holt’s outstanding work in marking the Bismarck-Deadwood Trail. He made 60 cement trail and stage markers and placed them at designated locations.

Henry and Alice Wilson, Newell, observed their 68th wedding anniversary. They were married December 21, 1910.

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