Aug. 19, 1909

According to the law enacted at the last session of the state Legislature, all hunters are required to have a gun license. Fee for residents $1. Get your license before the hunting season opens, warned F.E. Bennett, Butte County Treasurer.

The aeronauts are still up in the air; though it is not known how long they will stay there. We might be converted if the Wrights would take Mr. Taft as the other passenger in that air ship. The Wrights may manufacture airships, but the question of an adequate supply of competent chauffeurs is still to be dealt with.

Aug. 14, 1919

At the June meeting of the Butte County Board of Commission, the following soldiers' applications for exemption from taxes were approved and instructed the Auditor to write Warrants for same: W. Paul Thompson, Presho; Earl Jones, Gustave; J. Edwin Johnson, Belle Fourche; Charles Barbour, Belle Fourche; Henry E. Johnson, Belle Fourche; Rudolph Klein, Belle Fourche; A.R. Newman, Pukwana; and R.O. Macintosh, North Platte. The application of J. Edward Bushnell, Newel,l for exemption from tax as a soldier was rejected on account of affidavit not being properly made out so as to show service.

Stolz & Company are now the local agents for the Buick Six and have the latest model of this beautiful car on their floor at the present time. If you are in the market for a Six don’t fail to see this car. They will be glad to demonstrate to interested buyers.

Aug. 15, 1929

Harvey Fellows, veteran stage driver of the Black Hills, passed away in Spearfish yesterday, following injuries received when he fell from the old Spearfish Stage coach at the conclusion of the Days of ’76 parade Thursday. The accident occurred on his 84 birthday. He came to the Black Hills in 1877 and began driving the Deadwood-Spearfish Stage Route owned by J.T. McClintok until it was discontinued 15 years later. He missed his step when dismounting from the stage and broke his hip.

W.H. Samuels, who is herding a band of sheep for Henry Jacobsen, Castle Rock vicinity, found it necessary to set out coyote traps since several sheep had been taken by the pests. The Sheridan boys trailed their sheep to their ranch north of Hoover, on account of the scarcity of water on the gumbo range.

Aug. 17, 1939

Work was completed this week on the extension of equipment and fixtures at the Brodsky Market in Newell to make room for added stock and better displays. Shelves were extended and rearranged to give better service to customers and complete modernization of their interior thus bringing another of this city’s stores up to a par with those in the larger cities.

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Of unusual interest in Newell are a few peaches which are developing on a tree in the John W. Price yard. The plant, started from a seed, has developed rapidly and this spring bloomed. The developing fruit might well prove something relatively new in this territory and of interest.

Aug. 11, 1949

Rushmore Memorial will soon be floodlighted, according to Supt. Harry Liek. The contract for the work has been awarded to the Rapid Electric Co. and work will get underway within a month. Black Hills Power & Light Co. is now constructing a new power line between the Memorial and Keystone.

The Vale Fire Department was called to near the Charley Grant farm where a tractor driven by Glenn “Buzz” Alexander was set on fire due to a leak in the gas tank. Buzz coasted down the hill into a drainage ditch and had the fire under control by the time the fire department arrived.

Aug. 13, 1959

Louis Franzen is improving at the Belle Fourche Hospital and hopes to be dismissed soon. His son Robert and family of Reeder, N.D. visited him on Sunday. Mrs. Clayton Franzen and children of Rapid City are staying at the home of her parents, the Wm Yaegers, while Clayton is attending National Guard Camp for 2 months.

The Ben Franklin Store is now offering film and processing, they can supply all sizes in black and white, colored KODAK film including 8mm movie film. Photo finishing and developing service: 2-day in Black & White; 4-5 days in KODACOLOR and 7-days on KODACHROME or ANSCHROME. Film prices: Black & White 15 cents roll processing 10 a print, KODA Color 90 cents roll processing, 32 cents a print.

Aug. 15, 1979

Rome and Roxie Glover of Glover Construction, Sturgis, hosted a meeting Saturday at the NVN Senior Center. The purpose was to conduct a survey to establish and prove to the Regional HUD CEO, that there is a need in Newell for housing for the elderly. Blue prints of a proposed attractive 12-unit complex were displayed. HUD favors only 6 units, Newell is trying to get 12.

Motorists coming down highway 79 from Newell toward Sturgis on the night of August 6 were treated to a spectacular sight from Mother Nature. Pink sheet lightning lit up the entire Black Hills, making Bear Butte stand out in an eerie black silhouette.

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