May 13, 1909

A party of local motor boat enthusiasts is going to make a trip to Iowa by way of water.

Amos Harris spent Sunday with friends at Vale. On his return, with the aid of his swift horse, he stopped a runaway team for a man from Whitewood.

Several reclamation boys from the Vale site attended the dance at Orman Saturday night.

May 8, 1919

Sunday Win Cox received a visit from his father who lives at White Owl. They were both surprised when Win’s two brothers; Holk and Robert came in on them. Both recently discharged from the Army; Holk in France and Robert in a New York post.

In spite of very disagreeable weather, the pupils of the Intermediate and Primary departments of Newell Schools put on a May Pole Drill on the streets Friday of last week under the personal direction of their teachers Misses Driver, Andrews and Nielson. It was evident from the success of the drill; both pupils and teachers put much work in preparation.

May 9, 1929

A road show has been putting on live programs at Hoover during the past week and went from there to Redig. Several of the young folks from Hoover and Govert communities attended the dance at Redig on Friday evening.

Mayor John W. Price celebrated his retirement from public life Monday evening by furnishing cigars to those attending the meeting. Another indication that the election in Newell was quite different from that staged in Deadwood.

May 11, 1939

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What happened to be a pale of smoke, but said to be just clouds from Canada, pervaded our atmosphere of the past two days. The dust was accompanied by cool breezes.

Russell Arndt, George Seitz, Art Holtry, Wm Sorenson, Fred Mix and Louie Wilcox drove their sheep to the Bismarck Bridge south east of Vale last Sunday. From there the herder will take them to the Bonita Springs vicinity for the summer.

May 12, 1949

Fishing can be fun, but expensive too. Especially when your hook lands in somebody’s face or when your outboard motor cuts a swimmer. An accident can cost you all your pay for years to come. Get your protection; stop by Richards Insurance Agency for your complete personal liability insurance.

Poppies by the thousands are coming from the skilled fingers of disabled war veterans at Hot Springs in preparation for Poppy Day May 25, Mrs. John Graber, Poppy chairman of Ross-Kayras Post of American Legion Auxiliary intimated. Petals of crepe paper and a stem of wire are shaped into attractive replicas of the wild poppies which grow in the battlefields and around graves in Europe during both wars.

May 7, 1959

If you cut back your Chinese Elm hedge and find it loaded with “scale”, call your county Agent, Kenneth Leslie, he will recommend dormant oil spray or liquid lime sulphur. The crawlers haven’t hatched yet, so when they do, use DDT or Malathion.

Spring Festival of Budget-Wise Food Values this week at Noste’s Super Value: Hunts Catsup 4 bottles (14 oz) 79 cents; Miracle Whip (32 oz) 49 cents; Jiffy Cake Mix (9 oz) 10 cents, Cornish Game Hens (16 oz) 69 cents each; Grape Jam (4 lb jar) 79 cents, New Potatoes (10 lbs) 59 cents that and many other bargains can be purchased at Noste’s, 203 Girard Ave, Newell.

May 7, 1979

A lot of credit goes to the young people who worked at the community clean-up Sunday, at least 120 young people from elementary through high school. Ten city truck loads and more than a dozen pick-up loads were picked up around Newell in a 2½ hour clean up brigade. Fourteen adults participated.

It is imperative to know about Emergency Medical Training (EMT) and how to call an ambulance. Newell will have an 81-hour EMT course starting October 1. Volunteers for the ambulance staff are needed, but you don’t have to work on the ambulance crew if you don’t want to. There will be a reasonable fee charged for the training course and more information later.

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