Dec. 16, 1909

Captain Stewart, who is in charge of the Pinkerton force employed as guards on the Homestake Mining Company at Lead during the suspension of operations, which is now on, states that it is the mildest thing in the form of a lockout that he has ever experienced and he has had occasion to be on the scene of many similar disputes of big corporations and their employees. He attributes these peaceful conditions to the fact that the great majority of the employees are more thoroughly interested in the welfare of the city, than in all almost any other place in the country where large industrial enterprises are under turmoil. The miners want to preserve order in the company.

Due to the deep snow, the mailman made his trip from Vale to Whitewood and return Wednesday, necessary with sleigh and bells.

Loren Eichler, who has a farmstead on Warren Creek near Deers Ears, is putting up at Ed Greenhous’ house until he can get lumber out to build his shack. He let out a secret of the “bachelors of Warren Creek” were successful in getting a wife, we will keep it a secret until the plan comes together.

Dec. 18, 1919

Town Marshal C.A. Gerlach has issued a public warning is given to persons who are in the habit of leaving horses on the street without proper protection, such horse will be impounded by himself and given proper care at the expense of the owner.

Many local wrestling fans are planning on taking in the wrestling bout between Young Pesek and the Lead Champ in the Miner’s Hall at Lead tomorrow night.

Dec. 12, 1929

There was quite a bit of excitement at the Staiger farm Sunday when Anton Carlson’s Ford went on the rampage and started on a mad flight all over the farm, with Mr. Carlson in hot pursuit. It stopped for neither carts nor machinery, but kept on dashing until it came in contact with a woven wire fence and a post. After a few minor repairs, “Lizzy” will be ready to dash on again.

Explaining that there are still a large number of automobile lights that do not comply with the new headlight law, Andrew Marvick, Director of State Motor Vehicle Department, today said local sheriffs and police officers would be asked to enforce the law. There has been sufficient time, for adjusting stations doing this work for auto owners to have their lights adjusted. Improperly adjusted headlights are a great menace to traffic, but of little value to the driver of the car.

Dec. 14, 1939

Elmer Wester at the Conoco Service Station, Sturgis, announced the addition of an OK Tire Re-Capper. You can now have your smooth tires re-capped with confidence, for you don’t have to be an experienced tire man to see the points of merit in this machine. See Elmer, OK Rubber Welding man before buying new tires.

The Black Hills of South Dakota, with its famous Homestake Mine, made the largest gold deposits of any state at the Denver Mint in 1939. Of total mint receipts of $58,253,790, South Dakota deposited gold valued at $21,403,917 compared with $20,394,147 a year ago.

Dec. 8, 1949

The November-December meeting of Nisland PTA was held last week with 70 members and guests present. The Glee Club, under direction of Mr. Peyton, sang “Listen To the Lambs”, Mr. Hare introduced the two winners of the Declamatory Contest; Elmer Matthisen and Lois Ann Shevling followed by the movie on “The Inner Ear” and Mrs. Rathbun gave a few ideas on how to hold an ear clinic. Lunch was served after the regular meeting by 5th- and 6th-grade mothers.

WWII Veterans who incurred disabilities in service between October 8, 1940 and September 1, 1945 are eligible to buy GI Life Insurance or reinstate their policies if lapsed, provided they do so before January 1, E.A. Jones of the state Veterans Department said this week. The disability must be less than total and a physical examination is required. The examination is made by the Veterans Administration at no cost to the veteran.

Dec. 10, 1959

There are many ways in which you can help your community grow and prosper, but perhaps the most obvious way is to purchase goods and services in your own town. It is said by economists that a dollar spent in a town or city turns over or changes hands seven times. This is also true of dollars spent in other towns; the sad part of this story is that the dollars spent away from home never helps your community.

The Game, Fish & Parks Commission passed a resolution prohibiting minnow fishing in Deerfield Reservoir, northwest of Hill City. The measure was taken to delay the introduction of undesirable fish into the reservoir which was recently treated with chemicals to eradicate the fish. The lake will be re-stocked with trout next year. Tributary streams above the lake were also closed to minnow fishing for the same reason. Rough minnows often include suckers, small sun fish, perch, crappies and other species which compete with trout for food and space.

Dec. 11, 1979

A Black Hills Candy & Tobacco delivery truck received damage to the left front fender November 29 when a pickup driven by Gus Anderson, Zeona, collided with it. Anderson was apparently distracted while backing from a curb, according to police report, when the parked delivery truck was damaged.

Rhonda Olson, County Health Nurse, reported to Butte County Commission Tuesday, the office will have to move from the medical center in Belle Fourche by January 26. Olson told the commission a new office would have to be located and some office furniture would have to be purchased due to the fact equipment is currently leased from the medical center. Dr. Melvin Morousek stated his willingness to lease a space in his office for a health nurse at $325 per month, which is $200 more than the county is presently paying. After discussion, the members agreed to offer Morousek the $300 if state and WIC funds can be obtained.

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