March 31, 1910

Chas Hanify received his 32-horse power Reeves engine and 10-plow breaking outfit yesterday and started for the country with it. Mr. Hanify and T. J. Williams will break land down on Nine Mile for several new comers this spring.

Prairie fires swept a clean path from Opal to the Section Line on Wednesday during the high wind; fences were burned, barns and corrals consumed and houses in some instances swept away by the flames. So far no loss of life has been reported but a number were severely burned while trying to protect their property. Considering the loss of property the fires were the worst this section has seen. Just how they started has not been discovered. Other fires that day were at Moreau, Beaver Dam, Rabbit Creek, Bismarck Trail and Pine Creek.

March 25, 1920

Oliver Reedy, Civil Engineer, who has been here on some work for the Reclamation Service departed Monday. Mr. Reedy was the Engineer in charge of when the big Orman Dam was completed. He was stationed at Vale for some time and was there when the Irrigation started and he has the first copy of the paper ever printed,

The big barn on the W. P. Williamson place, we understand was moved by the big wind storm of Monday and Tuesday. Nearly all the hay stacks in the neighborhood were blown over by the big wind. Miss Greenberg braved the storm and made the trip to the schoolhouse on foot, finding only one pupil was present.

March 27, 1930

Richard B. Hughes, 74, one of the earliest pioneers of the Black Hills died at his home from 15 years of invalidism. Hughes came to Black Hills in 1876 and was the first reporter on the Deadwood Pioneer Times. In 1880 he moved to Rapid City, being the editor of the Rapid City Daily Journal. During this time he was appointed Surveyor General of SD under President Cleveland out of Huron. He also was a member of the first state legislature, 1889. He acted as Superintendent of the Cleopatra Mining Company at Spearfish in 1898. In 1902 he took charge of the Holy Terror Mine at Keystone. In 1912, he returned to Rapid City and again worked at the Rapid City Journal until retirement.

Approximately 700 laborers have been hired for the 1930 beet season announced by J. Fred Steck, Supt of Agriculture for the Black Hills Sugar Plant. The labors will begin to come into this vicinity soon after April 1st. Accommodations are now being completed for them on the farms where they will work.

March 28, 1940

Burglars, apparently amateurs, broke into the Newell Municipal Liquor Store some time Monday night, but made off with only 5 gallons of cheap liquor. The break-in occurred after 11:00 PM when the place had been locked for the night by Lyman Bruce. The rear window was broken through which was entry made and escape, also nothing else was disturbed. Deputy Sheriff Spike Olson was called to investigate the burglary, it was believed, that it was a “local job”.

A pending business arrangement with the MDU Co for testing for a commercial gas production in Two-Top No 2 near Newell was discussed by company directors and drilling contractor Hal Blakeman, Tuesday evening. Under agreement the company would not finance further drilling, but would clean out the hole and test gas production in 3 possible commercial formations. Present indications, however, are that Muddies, just below the present bottom of 2,242 feet may bring commercial oil, and the test is being carefully considered by Two-Top officials, who are in receipt of favorable reports on both gas and oil showing from several oil companies.

March 30, 1950

All airplanes in South Dakota not registered with the State Aeronautics Commission will be assessed as personal property, under provisions of state law, Tax Director W. R. Walder reported this week. Personal taxes will not be levied against aircraft with current registration. Only planes owned by federal, state, county or city governments are exempt from the registration list. The Commission said state law requires all planes to be registered each January 1 and all pilots must be registered by July 1. Both are registered with the County Treasurer.

Due to weather and road conditions, there was no school in the area schools Monday through Wednesday. Mrs. Florence Howard and daughter spent the weekend in Sturgis. They were snowbound so no school at the Webb School. Also Mrs. Geo Hafner was unable to get to her school due to impassible roads.

March 31, 1960

Advice from Butte County Agent Kenneth Leslie, about spraying Kochia weed, it is sometimes called Mexican fireweed. 2-4-D will do a good job providing the plant is from 1” to 6” high. However, there is one sure control method, turn in the sheep, collect all sheep manure, ship same to Florida to be made into African Violet potting soil and then ship soil to greenhouses.

Elimination of the bounty system, restrictions of aerial and night hunting and posting of public as well as private land were among the more controversial questions considered Tuesday afternoon in Rapid City at an airing of opinions of West River ranchers and G. F. & P officials. No conclusions were reached at the discussion meeting, called by Harold Sloan, Jr. of Belle Fourche, chairman of the SD Stock growers Association game commission. Other issues were taken up in the 3-hour session with recommendations to the association considered.

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