Then 'n Now

Then 'n Now

Jan. 4, 1909

There has been a lot of horse trading in the Valley this week; Edwin Southmayed has sold his big bunch of horses to a buyer from the east, Messes J.R. Middleton and A.J. Webb enjoyed a drive to Whitewood last week after a team of mules they had purchased and Elmer Schufeldt bought a nice saddle to go with his fine Hamiltonian riding horse.

Small pox is epidemic in Deadwood at present, one of the latest victims being Sam Arnold a former resident of Sturgis, who was taken with the disease Wednesday.

Jan. 9, 1919

Former President of these United States succumbed to an attack of rheumatism and sciatic although the condition was not thought to be serious. Mrs. Roosevelt finds life extinct in the morning as she goes to his bed chambers. End came peacefully while he slumbered. Shock of the news of the death of the prominent American statesman, author, patriot, soldier, hunter, explorer, and friend, brings nation to mourning; our stars and stripes flies at half mast.

Bring your poultry now to Nelson’s Poultry House in Newell. Fat hens 4 lbs and over 15 cents and under 4 lbs 12 cents; turkeys 32 cents, ducks 29 cents and geese 25 cents. Please make arrangements before bringing in large flock.

Jan. 10, 1929

Calvin Yoder, age 90, the last Civil War veteran of this immediate vicinity, answered the final summons on Monday, January 7. He was a member of Co. D, 3rd Iowa Cavalry and served his country with distinction during the Civil War. His first wife Pheba Ellen Clark passed away 1902. Funeral was held January 10 at Congregational Church. He is survived by sons, John, Charles and Frank.

Harry J. Devereaux, distributor for Westinghouse electric light plants, announced that the homes of Thomas Taylor of Arpan and Soren Sorenson of Nisland were wired for electric lights during the past week. Westinghouse light plants having been installed at both homes.

Jan. 12, 1939

Residents of Vale who happened to be on the street Tuesday witnessed a rather unusual accident, that of an automobile being damaged by a run-away horse. The pony driven by Otto Evers and Floyd Curtis became unmanageable by the Kingsbury’s Store; the outfit collided with Dale Kingsbury’s car. A broken buggy and a damaged fender on the car were noted, but the boys escaped injury.

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Butte County spent $17,677.72 in 1938 to care for the poor and needy families. It was one of the largest poor relief schedules undertaken by the County and was efficiently handled by the Commission and Directors. The fund was nearly exhausted, but supplemented with other funds in December to total $1,931.21

Jan. 13, 1949

Lease of the E. Muotka building, Newell, to the US Mattress Co of Aberdeen, was revealed this week with the mattress Co planning to open a factory in the building as their western branch. The company is moving equipment into the building this week and expects to be open for business next Monday, to build new mattresses as well as to rebuild old ones. Families are temporally housed in trailers at the rear of the Valley Irrigator lots.

Scattered stock losses are revealed as snow is cleared from roads, etc. Planes from Newell and Spearfish have been called to fly medical emergency and stock hunting missions east and north of Newell as reports of lost or missing sheep, cattle and hogs come in. Wayne Garness flew Stanley Rittberger out to the Rittberger Ranch near Zeona to see how things were. They couldn’t land, but saw Felix Rittberger riding horseback and Mr. & Mrs. Otto Rittberger out feeding the livestock.

Jan. 8, 1959

The Newell High School basketball team is receiving a dozen new pairs of basketball shoes designated for “game use only” from Sorbel’s Shoe Store, Rapid City. The new footwear represents a gift to the team from Reuben B. Sorbel, store owner, who served as high school teacher and coach at Newell from 1929 to 1931 and reported he just wanted to do something for the Irrigators.

Newell City Commission at their regular meeting invited a Bonding Co representative to meet with it at an early date to discuss possibilities of a revenue bond issue to finance construction of the proposed sewage lagoon and sewer outfall line under consideration for the past year.

Jan. 10, 1979

The Newell Public Works has spent most of Friday with broken city water mains occurring last week in sub-zero temperatures of minus-25 degrees. The pipes causing the trouble are made of cast iron. Eight or seven cases had been reported by noon. Several blocks of water mains will have to be replaced this summer.

Alfred Burke congratulated his successor, George Erk, who defeated him for the nomination of Butte County Commissioner in the June Primary. Burke has served in public office for 22 years, much of the time was as Butte County Commissioner, but from 1967 to 1972 he was a State Senator.

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