Sept. 23, 1909

F.J. LeSeuer of Minnesota brought to town last week a load of vegetables to be sent to the State Fair. In the load were muskmelons as large as ordinary watermelons and beets that looked like the root of a large tree. He also brought in one tomato that weighed 1 pound and 12 ounces.

At 9:00 yesterday morning a fire was discovered in the barn of Henry Frawley’s main ranch on Centennial Prairie which totally destroyed the structure valued at $17,000. Mrs. Suggs gave the alarm, but the fire had gained sufficient headway to make it impossible to do anything to save the building or machinery. This morning David Anderson of Lead is lying in the Deadwood jail on a charge of arson having admitted he set fire to the building. The lad is 11 years old and tried to fire the building last Thursday.

Sept. 18, 1919

South Dakota boys who were in any way in war service will get free tuition in all departments at state college this year. This provision made by the last legislature applies to all state institutions. State college has heard from nearly all her service men to the effect that they expect to be back and complete their college work.

T.G. Wall is bemoaning the wreck of his brand new Buick, in an auto accident near the Otto Anderson place, in which Mrs. Chas Wilson driving a large Wyllis-Overland, played a prominent part. Another accident happened Saturday night when cars belonging to Dr. Crist and the Anderson Bros. came together on the ditch near the Ireland place, the doctor’s Oldsmobile coming out second.

Sept. 19, 1929

Arne and Toivo Ranta and Joseph Murtaugh left Sunday for Rapid City to take up their studies in the State’s School of Mines. This is Toivo’s senior year and Arnie’s sophomore year while Joseph is a freshman, having graduated from the Newell High School last spring.

The dredge which has been operating east of Vale is now dragging a drainage ditch between the Elmer Shaul and Paul Ashley farms west of town.

Sept. 21, 1939

A baseball game was played Sunday afternoon on the Vale diamond. The first game was Vale vs. Bear Butte and the Vale players came out in the lead 20-3. Immediately following was a game between Vale vs. Alkali, with Vale coming out in the lead 17-15 after a hard fought struggle.

Indications that Edgemont may be in the heart of a rich oil field was indicated Monday, when Carl Kundy, veteran oil driller of the Osage oil field, he had encountered very good indications of oil at the well known as the Shiloh Oil Structure 18 miles south of Edgemont in the formation 3,230 feet as the same as those in the well known Laramie Creek field and expect to hit the “Medicine Line” any minute.

Sept. 15, 1949

Vale school enrolled two boys from Riga, Latvia in the first grade, reported Supt. James Lewis. They are the sons of Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Arums who came from a Displaced Persons Camp in Gogensburg, Germany. The past year the family has been in a Displaced Person’s Camp as their home in Latvia was taken over by the war. The children are: Valdes 7, Evars 9 and little sister Mudit 4. The trip took 42 days and they are at the Al Sheeler ranch, near Vale.

Free chest x-rays were given 222,112 South Dakotans the first 3 years the program has been in effect, the Department Of Health announced this week. Free x-rays in every county was completed August 1 and 2 machines began the second trip around the state. The first machine, in June 1946 was transported by truck and the second unit began in January 1947 is housed in a special built trailer and carrying its own power plant and work room for operators. If a suspicious symptom shows up in the chest x-rays, the results are sent to the family physician for further investigation.

Sept. 17, 1959

Flare-ups continued to plague fire fighters in the Deadwood and Nemo area the past week, according to Bob Leonard, fire boss, but the Nemo mop-up was about completed Wednesday and it was hoped the general and cool weather would aid the fire mop-up around Deadwood. The Deadwood burn, in which two wood treatment plants, a transpiration warehouse, 6 or 7 houses, several vehicles and a number of cabins and out buildings were destroyed at around 56,000 acres the Nemo fire covered about 350 acres and no buildings reported were burned. Quick action by Sturgis and Newell Fire Departments prevented a forest fire in Vanocker Canyon from spreading Tuesday night.

Sept. 19, 1979

SD Dept. of Transpiration Maintenance Forces will begin removing hay from state highway ditches Oct. 2. The deadline for private individuals and adjacent property is Oct 1. Removal will be accomplished by allowing interested persons to load and haul it away, by placing it across the right-of-way fence on adjoining property or by hauling it to a central location and selling it at auction. Persons who have not removed their hay from state road ditches might not be issued new permits to mow state highway ditches next year.

Wally DeVries, Belvidere president of Stockgrowers Association announced this week a special cattlemen’s meeting scheduled for 8 PM September 26 at Belle Fourche Senior Citizens Center. Local Cow Belles are providing a beef snack after the meeting. Speakers will discuss assessing agriculture land on the basis of agriculture productivity, animal health, beef promotion and issues that will be coming up in the 1980 State Legislature. Speakers are Wally DeVries, Belvidere, Leo Hamm, Rapid City and a representative from the Cow Belles.

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