Dec. 3, 1909

Driscoll & Voight are offering a full line of winter shoes. Their line of the famous Mayer Shoes Co is now complete. They also have a large line of gloves, mittens, overshoes and winter weight underwear. Come in, they can fit your foot and pocket book too. Their prices are always right, reputable dealers in general merchandise.

In recent studies, the Reform School for boys can, under direction, reform untrained unmanageable boys. In the last 5 years all have become useful and industrious workers. Some have enlisted in the Navy, others have gone into manual training school and some have become farmers.

Dec. 4, 1919

Seventeen of the local service boys got together in the Odd Fellows Hall Tuesday evening to perfect an organization for a local Post of the American Legion. Temporary Officers were elected; Post Commander Elmer Hill; Vice Commander Harry L. Bauer; Adjutant Oswald Christopherson; Chaplain Eskil Youngberg and Finance Officer J. Claude Lewis. The name of the local Post has not been decided upon. Each Post must be named in honor of a comrade from the district who was killed in action or died in the service.

Many physicians believe that anyone who has had a cold should be completely quarantined to prevent other members of the family and associates from contracting the disease, as colds are about as catching as measles. One thing for sure the sooner one rids himself of a cold the less danger, get a good cough remedy to aid you in curing a cold.

Nov. 28, 1929

The Custer Expedition number of the Black Hills Engineer, a quarterly publication of the School of Mines, was off the press today in sufficient numbers to take care of the convention announced by Dr. C.E. O’Hara who has spent several years gathering material and pictures for this edition, and the result is perhaps one of the most complete and authentic histories of General Custer’s activities while in this region that has ever been published. It contains many original photographs taken by the Expedition, some of which have been lost over 50 years, Dr. O’Hara said.

The National Better Business Bureau has issued a bulletin concerning unordered merchandise, the volume of which increased with the approach of the Christmas season. The merchandise consists of neck ties, Christmas cards, hosiery, handkerchiefs and so forth, is sent through the mail to persons whose names have been obtained from various mailing lists. The Business Bureau investigated this carefully and finds the recipient is in no way liable legally for the goods. If the sender wants them returned, he may call and pay return postage.

Nov. 30, 1939

A buffalo herd for Harding County is soon to become a reality, the Lane Ranch having purchased several head from the Wind Cave National Park at Hot Springs to establish a herd in that section. The Lane Ranch already has bears and several other varieties of animals. A special pasture has been prepared for the calves and bull.

A nomination for the “meanest thief” goes this week to the party or parties who broke in Wednesday night into the B.N. Grane Poultry House at Hoover to make off with 4 of 6 fine turkeys which Mrs. Grane had raised especially for her own holiday dinners. All the birds had been locked in for the night but 4 were missing the next morning when she found the hasp broken. Although the party or parties involved is yet unknown, turkey raisers will keep a close watch for future thieves. Three alleged turkey thieves were frightened from the Harold Miller farm north of Strool about a week ago when Mrs. Miller hollered to them. Turkeys of close neighbors of the Millers had been stolen. Now Mrs. Miller keeps a shotgun handy for future theft attempts.

Nov. 24, 1949

Plans are now being made to re-activate the Civil Air Patrol of Newell, it has been announced and the state CAP officers plan to be in Newell next Wednesday and to assist with the set up. The meeting will be held November 3 at 8:00 PM at City Hall. All persons interested in flying, ground work, communications or other aspects of the training are urged to be present at the meeting.

Lack of interest and enthusiasm may end plans in the Newell territory for a hospital. This was evidence at a meeting at Newell City Hall Monday evening when only 10 persons turned out to vote that the jointly sponsored Community Club-Jaycees hospital drive be discontinued and recommended by the committee, but due to lack of attendance, no action was taken. Legally, it was noted, return of funds already donated could be returned.

Nov. 26, 1959

The largest experiment trout stocking project undertaken to date in South Dakota has reached completion, reports Ted Shields, Superintendent of Fisheries for Dep’t. Of Game, Fish & Parks. Stockers last week released 833,579 rainbow trout fingerlings in Shadehill Reservoir south of Lemmon. Cleghorn Hatchery at Rapid City furnished 112,579 of the fingerlings and McNenny Federal Hatchery at Spearfish another 721,000. Shadehill, the first large lake in SD outside the Black Hills to receive extensive trout stocking, should prove good habitat for this cold water species.

After 15 years lapse, researchers and plant breeders of the US and Russia are back exchanging valuable plant research materials. The exchange began in 1898 but was discontinued in 1944. The similar climate and crop problems help make the exchange between the 2 countries especially beneficial.

Nov. 27, 1979

Vale School students’ fathers put new tin on the west side of the roof at the school November 18 and 19. The fathers contributing their time were: Frank Jensen, Bob Pauley, Bruce Tusbury and Corky Walters. The mothers provided food and refreshment for the workers.

Micaela Aigner, daughter of Mrs. Carmen Aigner of Newell received her Medical Administration Assistant pin from President of National College of Business, John Hauer. Miss Aigner is enrolled in a 2-year program which trains individuals to assist physicians. The pin is awarded on completion of the first year of specialized training.

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