Feb. 18, 1909

John James and Grover Reed of Brushie, arrested on a charge of assault and battery, were arraigned before Justice Hunt Wednesday, waived preliminary hearing and were bound over to the Circuit Court. Complaint was made by US Land Commissioner, O.E. Balch of Brushie.

T.J. Williams, who owns a 2,000-acre ranch nine miles north of Sturgis, has purchased a large steam plow. It consists of a 32 compound REEVES traction engine carrying 10 plows. Mr. Williams broke 300 acres last season with a lighter rig, but expects to turn over much more this coming summer.

Feb. 13, 1919

“Blacky” Kiser and Alfred Burke returned the fore part of the week from Chadron. They have been serving on the Railroads as firemen and were in a detachment of 200 to be discharged from the government service recently.

An attentive number of the country people attended the fine “Roosevelt Program” Sunday night. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all people present. The Newell Sunday School Choir filled the platform and led in the singing of Roosevelt’s favorite hymns.

Feb. 14, 1929

Wesley Wood had the misfortune to have his school bus burn one of the cold mornings last week. He had started a fire under it to warm it up and then went into the house. During his absence the new International truck caught fire and was badly damaged before it could be put out.

Joe Smith, brother of A.J. Smith, one of the most outstanding agriculture students State College ever graduated, is proving himself a success in the foreign mission field in Burma, a country located just east of India. Mr. Smith is serving as an agriculture missionary, and recently dedicated a new $15,000 classroom building that is growing rapidly. Boys from all races are learning the rudiments of agriculture science practices and then being sent back to their villages as instructors.

Feb. 16, 1939

South Dakota is entitled to compete with Nevada, Arizona and other states for the divorce business if a bill introduced by Senator E.Y. Berry, reducing residence requirements from one year to 30 days, were enacted into law. Berry explained the Montana legislature recently passed a measure cutting the residence requirement for divorce to 30 days and added South Dakota "may as well get its share of the business.”

Meade County and Sturgis officials stepped into the back room of Hal’s Bar Monday evening and abruptly stopped the poker game which is alleged to have been in progress. Onlookers, players and operators were taken to the Court House and appeared before Justice Hal Doran who meted out Justice to $10 fine plus costs to onlookers, $15 plus costs to the players and operators; 14 in all. Owners Ray Perkins and Ted Milne were each held on $1,000 bond on more serious charges.

Feb. 17, 1949

According to an eyewitness of the atomic bombing in Nagasaki, the people wearing white were not hurt nearly as much as those wearing colors. Advertisements in the railroad station showed black print obliterated, while the surrounding white paper was untouched.

J.H. Fryberger, state inspector, made a charge of “tainted meat” which was damaging to retailers throughout the Northern Hills area as well as to ranchers. Fryberger warned purchasers that the tainted meat, believed obtained from frozen animals, is sold in a store. The public should be warned at a time when ranchers all over western South Dakota have lost much livestock and meat plentiful, the price of meat is falling.

Feb. 12, 1959

SD Game Fish & Parks Commission authorized the purchase of 50 surplus .38 caliber revolvers for the law enforcement division during their recent meeting in Pierre. The guns are being issued as part of the Civil Defense program and participants likely won’t be required to wear the weapons as part of the uniform. The Wardens will receive the weapons during the Department’s annual conference.

Feb. 14. 1979

Four sites in Butte County are now included in the National Register of Historic Places, according to Rep. James Abdnor. They are: The John Aaron Scotney house at 830 9th St.; Wide Awake Grocery Building at 520 State St.; Belle Fourche Irrigation Dam on Highway 212; and US Experiment Farm, northwest of Newell. They were listed on the December 1978 annual inventory issued by the Heritage Conservation & Recreation Service of the Department of Interior.

Harlan Jacobsen, Castle Rock, took his Registered Percheron horses to Rapid City for the Black Hills Stock Show Sunday. He entered his Percheron stallion in the Stallion Row, and received two 2nd places, one 3rd and one 5th place on his horses.

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