Oct. 14, 1909

Jos. Scott has resigned as a member of the Northwestern Land Co and in the future will devote his time to the managing the Camp Crook and other lines owned by that Co. He is now out in the Government Townsite and Vale and soon as this is completed, which will be in about 15 days, will go to Camp Crook from where the line will be built to Buffalo. Since the completion of the Camp Crook line this Co has been doing a good business and it is their intention to put on rural lines as fast as the country will support them.

Narcisse Narcelle, one of the most prominent old half-breed stockmen of the west river country, was found dead on the road north of the Cheyenne River October 2 morning. He had evidently been killed by being thrown from his wagon when it went into a rut.

Oct. 16, 1919

The time will not be changed until Sunday October 26th at 2:00 PM when you are expected to arise from your downy couch and set the clock back 1 hour (ahead 11 hours if you prefer). Personally we figure on pulling said stunt the night before.

The Lillian Ringsdorf Concert Co, filling the first engagement of the lecture course, pleased a large audience at the Theotorium on Tuesday evening. The Company consists of Lillian Ringsdorf soprano and reader; Mary E. Dowdy violinist and Mary McAdoo harpist. All of these ladies are accomplished artists in their line and received the rapt attention of their listeners throughout the entire performance. If the balance of the course measures up to the standard set by the Ringsdorf Trio, we can predict a complete success for the Community Club in their efforts to furnish the community with high-class entertainment.

Oct. 10, 1929

From our friends from the east: Officers came from Murdo to Draper and put on a vice clean-up. It happened that a number of the leading business men of the city had assembled at the shack of a friend and were engaged in the gentle game of stud poker; the great American indoor game sport for those who cannot play bridge. There was a “kitty” and chips ‘n everything when J.C. Babcock and a deputy sheriff broke in on the game. All the participants were arrested. Some of them were dragged from under a bed. They were fined from $15 to $25 costs. Now Draper citizens are wondering why the officers from Murdo do not clean up their own “back yard”.

Mrs. M. Fugate of Harding, SD arrived at Hoover recently and plans to teach the Storm School if she can find favorable boarding conditions. This school has been without a teacher so far this term. Mrs. Fugate was brought here by her daughter and husband, Mr. & Mrs. Ted Cooper.

Oct. 12, 1939

Reconstruction work on the Vale school gymnasium under the WPA project recently approved by the President and state WPA officials, started at that place Wednesday of this week, according to information received here. Between 10 and 15 men are employed on the project, which is expected to last about 60 days. Specifications call for raising the ceiling 4 feet, which will necessitate rebuilding of the trusses in the gym roof. The amount of the project is listed as $1,914, of which $493 will be born by sponsors for material.

European War demands are already keeping American horse traders up nights. The Army mule and cavalry horse have come into their own again despite a lot of talk about mechanized armies and the US Army may once more become the source of supply for France and Brittan and other nations, just as it was during early days of the World War. While foreign buyers are scouring farms and ranches of the west for war horses and pack mules, there are at least 2 elements working against them; there are only half as many horses to choose from as in 1914-1919 and the American Human Society hopes to shut off the supply by including animals in the list of supplies that may not be supplied to belligerents. Aged horses and mules are retired to green pastures after their service days are over.

Oct. 6, 1949

Funeral Service for Rev Father Agatho Donnelly CP, widely known Catholic Church pastor died of a heart attack at St. Leo’s, Kansas Sept. 22 were held at St. Francis Church St. Paul, Kansas last Tuesday. He had many friends and relatives in all parts of the US and had visited at Newell on a number of occasions after his folks moved here from Woodstock, Ill in 1917. Among local relatives surviving are his brother Edward Donnelly and family and Mrs. H. R. Wolcott and daughter Anne of Newell who all attended the solemn Requiem services in Kansas, returning Sunday.

We can see the telephone companies’ point. There is not the money in conversation that there used to be. It cost twice as much to produce “number please” as it did 10 years ago. Nevertheless we look for a hot time at hearings before the PUC. If figures show it is necessary, but a demand will be made that a 10-cent phone booth is made twice as roomy as a nickel one.

Oct. 8, 1959

Within the next few days, Newell residents may see Strategic Air Command eight jet B-52 heavy bombers flying low level practice bombing missions over routes within visual range of the local populace, 2nd Air Force officials and Barksdale AFB, LA announced today. Previously flown only by SAC’s B-47 Stratojets, this marks the first time that low-level practice missions will be flown by the larger, heavier B-52 Stratofortresses. Originally scheduled to begin September 1 but was delayed for modification of plans.

Eradication of fish in Deerfield Reservoir west of Rapid City was authorized by the G.F. &P Commission during its meeting last week. Suckers now constitute 95% of the fish population in the reservoir, according to Ted Shields, Supt of Fisheries. Eradication is scheduled fur early October as the reservoir is drained to dead storage. The reservoir will be restocked with trout next spring.

Oct. 10, 1979

The classic play “Cheaper By the Dozen” has been chosen for the NHS fall production scheduled for December 1 & 2. The play calls for a large cast of 10, but there will be no problem filling the parts due to the amount of interest shown. Ms. Marjean Creal is the Director and hopes to see a lot of veteran actors and actresses turn out for the play and people to help on the production staff. The play books are in and those interested should stop by Ms. Creal’s room and check one out to become more familiar with the play.

Wm. Anderson, representing the Butte County Bar Association met recently with the Butte County commission to discuss the progress report on plans for providing additional space for the County law library. The board told Anderson a plan was drawn for an addition in the County Highway department building east of Belle Fourche. When the addition is completed the highway department will vacate its office in the basement of the courthouse for the law library.

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