Then 'N Now in the Northern Hills

Then 'N Now in the Northern Hills

Come to the Black HIlls

A vintage entry in a magazine invites the public to come to the Black Hills.

June 9, 1910

Carl C. Adams, of Belle Fourche, was in town with his surveying outfit last Saturday. Mr. Adams makes regular trips through this vicinity, attending to the surveying work of homesteaders, as well as the irrigation ditch, reservoir surveying and water right work in the county. While in Newell, Mr. Adams measured up all the buildings for the purpose of making a fire map for insurance.

More farmers own automobiles than any other group. South Dakota has the greatest automobile future than any state in the country. So to speak, for the reason that South Dakota farmers are rapidly getting wealthy and they have long distances to travel across the country. Within the last 3 years their land has doubled in value; moreover crops have been tremendous. Farmers simply are taking in money hand over fist. Besides they are just beginning to buy autos while neighboring states to a certain extent have bought cars.

June 3, 1920

One of the most tragic accidents known to the history of Custer occurred last Saturday when William Hays, only son of Mr. & Mrs. Lee Hays lost his life through eating wild parsnips along French Creek. The young lad had gone fishing with another lad and had spent the day fishing and on the way home, being hungry, the boys found the parsnips and ate some. Having had nothing to eat since morning doubtless hastened the effect on the poison and became ill almost immediately and passing into convulsions, he lived but an hour after eating the vegetable.

Frank Roughton closed a deal this week for the sale of his ranch. We understand the consideration was $1300 for the 80 acres. The new owner is L. Momeni, who traded in his interests in the Model Billiards Parlor as part payment. Frank also started the erection of a new dance hall and show house on the lower level of 3rd Street. The building is to be 28’x100’ and will be all in one room.

June 5, 1930

The Black Hills, now dressed in all their beautiful raiments, are beckoning the vacationist. Tourist camps, equipped with cabins and tent spaces, in practically every town in the state, are ready for this moving army. You owe it to yourself and family to take a vacation in the Black Hills. Take in the wonderful scenery, the invigorating air and the delightful drives over well maintained all-weather highways, unique high class entertainment, which is well worth your trip. Rushmore memorial, now carving the giant granite head of George Washington by Gutzon Borglum, the largest piece of sculpture in the world.

June 6, 1940

Children climbing trees and breaking down branches or picking flowers, not only in the park, but also on private property can cause much damage. If parents would teach their children not to destroy shrubs or pick flowers on their own it would certainly help. There have been a number of complaints of flowers being picked and shooting of birds are punishable by fines and payment of damage. Any further complaints will be investigated and parties involved dealt with according to law.

David Schmidt, 18, son of Mrs. Pauline Schmidt of Newell was seriously injured last Saturday night when a CCC truck convoying 12 Camp Roubaix CCC enrollees to Lead, turned over near the foot of Aztec Hill west of there before 8:00 PM. Seven others were less seriously injured and a Deadwood young man was shot in the aftermath of the accident. The occupants were thrown against a pile of jagged rocks alongside the road. Another CCC truck, traveling to the rear, picked up the injured to take them to St Joseph’s Hospital in Deadwood. The less injured were transported to Ft. Meade. The young man shot, apparently was a curiosity seeker, by the CCC guard who had been instructed to guard the machine, had ordered him to leave the scene, however did not obey. He fired 3 times; the first shot was into the air, 2nd into the ground and the 3rd into the intruder. The young guard appeared before Lawrence County States Attorney Cooper for questioning.

June 8, 1950

All June brides are invited to visit or write the Rapid City Social Security field office in the Post Office building in order to get their new names on record to get their Social Security filed. This is nearly as important as getting the license, according to Conrad Benson, manager. The only way a bride can be sure of receiving credit for all wages earned in work covered by the Social Security Act is to have her name changed on records. If she does not take care of this detail and her employer reports her new married name on his reports, confusion will result. There can be thousands of females with the same name such as “Mary Smith”.

Mrs. Harry Voorhees of Nisland was elected President of the South Dakota Spanish-American War Veterans Auxiliary at the annul session of the organization was concluded in Hot Springs Tuesday. Judge Frank Gladstone of Lemmon was elected state Commander of the Spanish-American War Veterans group and Mrs. Gladstone was reappointed Auxiliary Organist. The group convened for an interesting 3-day conclave attended by approximately 140 registered delegates.

June 9, 1960

Highway Patrol spokesman said today that official car light adjusters in the state must have their certificates renewed prior to July 1 to continue operations. The spokesman said that the headlight adjusting must be done accordance with the rules and regulations of the Highway Patrol by the Highway Patrol are entitled to certificates.

Welcome but spotted showers fell in this territory Sunday and Tuesday afternoons of this week locally a 6-month drought is continuing to threaten both farm and ranch operations. Total precipitation at the US Field Station amounted to .05 of an inch, according to Joe Bonnemann, volunteer weather observer and Tuesday .25. At Newell the total received since April 1 is nearly 3” below normal. Some sugar beet fields have already been reseeded to beets or other crops as the cool nights and lack of moisture deter growth.

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