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The car market is 'absurd.' Here's what to do if you have to buy one anyway

Here's what you need to know about shopping for a car in today's crazy market. Read more


Airstream’s New Pottery Barn Trailer Rides The Wave Of RV Popularity

Airstream and Pottery barn teamed up to create a high-end special edition travel trailer inspired by the Pacific Coast Highway. Read more


Every Automaker’s EV Plans Through 2035 And Beyond

Automakers plot their moves from combustion engines to hybrids (done) to plug-ins and full battery-electric or hydrogen fuel cell cars, trucks and 18-wheelers. Read more


Best Tire Pressure Monitors For 2021

Aftermarket tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) can bring one of the best safety advances of modern cars and trucks to vehicles that weren’t equipped with it from the factory. Here are five of the best. Read more


Mercedes-Benz Goes All-Electric By 2030

Mercedes-Benz will get half its sales from EVs and plug-in hybrids by 2025, then be all-electric by 2030 (except in a few tiny markets). Read more


Best Trailer Brake Controllers For 2021

Trailer brake controllers improve braking, balance, and handling while towing. As the name implies, they control a trailer’s brakes by electronically linking them to the driver’s inputs. Here are five of the best. Read more


Ford Teams With Lyft, Argo AI For Self-Driving Ride-Shares This Year

Autonomous Lyft-Ford Escape ride-share vehicles will launch this year in Miami. These self-drivers will still have "safety drivers" behind the wheel. Read more

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10 car-buying trends during COVID-19

CoPilot analyzed its data from more than 30 million car sales via the car-buying app in 2020 to identify 10 car-buying trends during the CO… Read more


5 top-end cars worth the price jump


Photos: Ford unveils its electric F-150 pickup

Branded the F-150 Lightning, Ford's electric pickup will be able to travel up to 300 miles per battery charge. Read more

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