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You Can Now Buy 8-packs Of Edible Cookie Dough In Cute Snack-size Containers

It’s something we all want to do, but know we shouldn’t. While it may seem harmless and hard to resist, the potential consequences are not worth the risk. Even the Centers for Disease Control tell us to resist the urge, but still, many of us have to admit we’ve given Read more

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Toys ‘R’ Us Is Relaunching Through New Company Called Tru Kids

People everywhere mourned for their childhoods when toy retailer Toys ‘R’ Us shuttered its doors last year. However, even as stores were closing, there were murmurs about a potential revival of the brand. Now, its return is official with the introduction of Tru Kids Inc. As of Jan. 20, 2019, the Read more

Tom Hanks And Other Celebs Made A Heartwarming Video Thanking ‘Lt. Dan’ Gary Sinise

Actor Gary Sinise played the cantankerous Lieutenant Dan in 1994’s “Forrest Gump,” and in real life, the Oscar-nominated actor has dedicated a lot of his time and money to serving the U.S military. On the website for Gary Sinise Foundation, the organization founded by the actor to benefit veterans and first responders, Read more

Casual Birdwatchers Captured A Photo Of A Rare Half-male, Half-female Cardinal In Their Backyard

Shirley and Jeffrey Caldwell were casually watching the birds in their backyard through the kitchen window when they saw something quite unusual. Although the Erie, Pennsylvania, couple does not consider themselves studied birdwatchers, they were certain that what they were witnessing was rare. They spied a two-toned cardinal that was Read more


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What To Do If A Child Swallows A Coin

Coins are shiny treasures for small children. They like to throw them, they like to hide them, they like to eat them. “It’s extremely common for children to swallow foreign objects like coins, marbles, toys or sand,” says Dr. Patricia Kettlehake, a pediatrician and internal medicine doctor affiliated with Sharp Coronado Hospital. “Young children are attracted to shiny Read more

This Starbucks Drink Chart Finds The Perfect Drink For Your Zodiac Sign

Your coffee order may be written in the stars! Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Starbucks released a drink chart explaining what you should order for yourself and your Valentine depending on your astrological signs. The coffee company posted the adorably illustrated zodiac chart on social media in an attempt Read more

People Can’t Get Enough Of This Dog Casually Running An Agility Course

There’s more to the Westminster Dog Show than perfectly prim and proper pups. Before the breed competitions, the agility course tests dogs’ agility and speed. The goal for any dog and their owner attempting the agility course at the Westminster Dog Show is to have the quickest and cleanest run. Read more